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Not trying to spam this group, but from reading the posts here it looks like players might have some interest in this info.

We run a website that specializes in finding good video poker games, online and offline. Those having a difficult time locating full pay games may want to check out; we only list online casinos having good games, and we identify which to play. We don't do the things they do here, i.e., identify casinos that aren't living up to their committments, etc.; we just locate the best of the best in terms of paytables. Also, we only look at video poker; we don't consider other games.

Interested parties please check it out.
Interesting site. From my brief visit, it looks like your site is for real, no voodoo that I could see.

This is a nice contrast to a site like Video Poker Junkies. Whoever owns that sites states that he/she can predict what cards will come next and advises players to "Know what you threw out, and what it would've been with the cards that are dealt back to you. With this little bit of insight, you can anticipate what the next hand is going to do. Be aware when patterns change, so you can stay on top of them."

Of course, this is pure hogwash, if not downright dangerous for players. Shame on that crew.

Miss Cleo must own that site.

But I wish you luck with your site. I know I will be checking it from time to time.

Hey, Slimbone!
Miss Cleo here! Or VideoPokerJunkie, or SlyCin56, or Cindy Carley.
Thank you for visiting my site; you must have been there recently, since that verbage is new.

I've been playing video poker, religiously, for 16 years; for hundreds and thousands of hours a year. I am also NOT mathematically challenged.

What I offer there is not a challenge to mathematicians, but a different viewpoint. The mathematical statistics are very good for beginners, but I know of what I speak. I have learned from the real masters; the VP players I sat beside and talked to for over a decade in Nevada. Try it yourself.

I know my way around VP machines. To win long term you must play by the numbers. That is my opinion.

We will have to agree to disagree when it comes to anticipating pattern changes and that sort of thing. IMO, this is a dangerous way to play, especially for the inexperienced.

However, you do have a nice breakdown of VP games available at online casinos. Any site that makes players aware of the value of full-pay VP is worthwhile IMO, so my hat's off to you in that respect.

Unfortunately, most online gamblers are even more stupid than land based gamblers. I beleive most online gamblers would play any VP machine, even if it had the worst pay schedule in the world.

But thank god for dumb players, they help keep my checks coming.

I just hope someone is feeding their families.
Thank you, Slimbone!

My site is not really geared to the beginner, although I'm sure I get some which is why I put that page up there.

Someday, I'll have to sit down with some of the mathematicians, and we'll have a long term, in person, play off! lol And we can argue over how to play every hand! What fun that would be! lolol

I'm not denying the mathematical statistics; I'm just saying there's more to the game than just that. But to prove it, someone would have to sit beside me for a very long time and watch me play.

Guess I'm going to have to start playing some of the online tournaments, and see if I can prove myself that way!! Trouble is, the prize money isn't worth it! :)

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