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Feb 22, 2001

Parlay Entertainment software malfunction used as excuse for disqualifying winnings

The Malta interactive gambling licensing authorities could be facing their first big test from a player perspective this week following a judicial protest from a British national against one of its licensees.

The Malta Independent Online reports that one Karl Long filed a judicial protest against an online gaming company registered in Malta, claiming that he had been swindled out of GBP 66,000. The player filed against Euro Gaming Ltd, claiming that he used the site and played a game called Trawling for Treasure, where he achieved winnings of GBP 66,000.

However, when he attempted to cash in his good fortune, Euro Gaming said it was not going to pay out because there was a fault in the Parley Entertainment software when he was using the site.

The software company, which is based in Canada, refuted the claims that the software malfunctioned. The complainant also pointed out that he had been playing the game for nine hours and the company did not say there were problems nor did it try to shut down the site.

He said he reported the issue to the relevant authorities in Malta, and the company offered him GBP 500 compensation, which he is refusing to accept.

The protest alleges that the gambling companys actions are clearly abusive and illegal and there should be strict surveillance of such companies to avoid abuse. He therefore appeals for the company to pay out the winnings and said he would be holding them responsible for any other damages incurred.

InfoPowa will monitor this story as it evolves, and has requested a comment from the Maltese authorities.

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