Good shorthanded tables?


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Feb 7, 2006
Anyone know of any online casino that offers shorthanded play on low stakes no-limit? I play on pacificpoker at the moment with 25$ buy-in no-limit cash games, but they only have tables for 10 people. And the action gets sooo slow =(
Timo, are you new to online poker? If so, go to Party Poker. They usually have at least 50 6man $25 NL tables going all the time (even at 3 in the morning, lol).
Also, their games are probably softer than any poker site (except Pacific which in my experience is the king of all fishponds).

Good Luck!
Ok that sounds good. I'll play out the month on pacificpoker though. No paul im not new to online poker. I actually make my living from it atm.

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