Good news if you are owed by Marty Jensen's Casinos!


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Dec 8, 2003
Please pass this message on to any other casino boards you may know. Turns out Marty who owns Main Street Vegas, Marty Jensens Casinos: VCO,Twin Aces etc bought into a sportsgambling site known as Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) . The old owner did not know about this situation with the casinos, and would like to have it cleaned up so he can leave with a clear concience.

Good stuff all around. Please pass it on and let's get some players paid.
would like everyone who believes they are owed money from one of Marty Jensen's Casinos to please send me an email...

This email should include your name, the casino, the amount owed and details that surround your case.

I will do my best to assist everyone who has suffered due to these unfortunate circumstances..

I know for a fact, whether right or wrong, that Mr. Jenson was forced to ban the entire country of Denmark because he lacked the appropriate software which would enable him to draw the distinction between the honest players and the scammers.

TheRX has always been committed to assisting players in need. We will not stop now...

As long as I am affiliated with this site, this mission will go on unabated...



Please put subject as "CASINO HELP" in the headline of your email and send to
This is an interesting development, and if it gets the players paid, a positive one.

Coincidentally, an interesting discussion on this very Main Street Vegas - Jensen issue has been taking place on The Rx forum, so perhaps that has something to do with the resurrection of these historical claims.

For those familiar with the Main Street Vegas saga, the question that comes to mind is whether the Danish players are to be paid - last I heard there was a six month hold on reimbursements but that never materialised? Anyone here have more detailed information on that aspect?
Yes - 2 years ago they put a six month hold on reimbursements

Marty -<, :xxx >,- Danish player
If there is some collated document listing the Danish complaints, which I understand came to over $100K it may be worth submitted that to The Shrink? Time may have passed, but a debt is a debt...

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Peep, I had originally understood that Ken was going to stay on as a consultant after the buy sell was complete. Is that still the case?

B. J. Holway (cipher)
I think Ken will be out of there within six months, once it is sold pretty hard to work for someone else.

If someone has a list archieved, good stuff. I have a list of about $8,000 owed to 12 people so far, I would love additions.
Go for it Casinomeister!

Peep, your updates here are useful and I hope you will keep us tuned in on this developing Jensen situation.
A player posted this at Peeps site


thank you again for contacting us.

Please note that we reopened your Casino accounts SPILLE at Vegas Casino Online ($101.50 in account balance) and SPILLE at Twin Aces Casino ($47.50 in account balance). You are more than welcome to enter both of your accounts! We wish you good luck.

Please also note that a new password has been sent to you already.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Please contact us again if you have any additional question or comment.

Best regards,

Jill Beck
Security Department Representative
Main Street Vegas Group

SPILLE didn't post many details - but no doubt he's a Dane ('spille' is the Danish word for 'gamble')
Yes, Spille's post is good news. BTW, I think Spille's is a "she".

Maybe some more people could e-mail Jill Beck and see if she will open their accounts? This is certainly one way to skin the cat.

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