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Feb 22, 2001
His ignorance of the industry to one side, Australia's known anti-gambling minister of communications talks on in-play betting anomalies.

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COMMUNICATIONS Minister Stephen Conroy says he is seriously considering changes to online gambling laws that would allow punters to place bets via the internet during live sporting matches.
Senator Conroy said today it was an anomaly that people were currently able to place telephone and in-person bets during live sporting events, but not place similar bets online.

“This is something that we need to seriously consider,” Senator Conroy told the Nine Network....more/
That is good news. If they manage to get this through it could open the doors to all sorts of other betting types. One step at a time of course :)
In the pioneering years of the industry, Australia was regarded with respect as one of the more savvy and progressive federal governments in introducing regulatory and licensing laws for online gambling.

Sadly, the politicians did an about-face resulting in today's more negative approach.

Who knows...maybe another change of heart is possible :confused:
Yeah, you are right Jetset-looks like things are moving quickly about this. It's been plasted all over the papers and news on t/v.
Looks like they realise there is HUGE money to be made from it and they kept on saying how much people in AUS are playing live/online casinos based out of AUS and the amount of money being spent so I guess the Government wants a piece of the pie.

The GOOD thing about this is it will all be regulated by our Government so that should make everyone feel safe playing with Australian outfits.Most of the online sportsbooks in AUS are run out of the Northern Territory because they only have to pay a set fee each year to run. I recall when I was working at Centrebet we wanted to start up an office and run out of Melbourne but they wanted a BIG commision per year,however the Northern Territory only charges a set fee of $250,000 per year for the licence for each sportsbook and it is generating ALOT of work for the town so I can see why they are pushing for this to happen.

I know for a fact that there is about 5-6 different sportsbooks that ALL run from the same building such as sportingbet,Centrebet,Bet365 and sportsbet. It is a multi million dollar purpose built building running out of the local race track in Darwin (Northern Territory). They all have different sections and levels for each company.
The owners are smart because all they need is the call Centre and bet taking to be run out of Darwin but the head offices and such are in places like Melbourne and I know that Centrebets main office is still in Sydney and thats where most of all the marketing is done.

I REALLY hope it does come through and we see places like Lasseters online casino come back as I live in the same town so would love to get back into the industry.

On a side note though- I'm not a big fan of how they are advertising on t/v during sporting events, they constantly mention the sportsbook companies that sponsor them and give out odds during the matches in breaks,time outs and adverts.Not to mention alot of the high profile sports players getting done for fixing there own matches etc. Doesn't feel the same anymore.

Theres going to be a lot of gambling addicts due to this but I guess It's something that is going to happen regardless.

Just my thgouhts anyway!!


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