good luck

catrina m

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Feb 8, 2007
US of A
I have played first web, villento, desert dollar, 3 dice and inetbet in the past 2 months.

about $400 or more at firstweb, $150 or so at villento, $40 at DD and $50 at 3dice

inet has me for around $500

not complaining, it was my money to lose. Just saying I hope you have good luck if your playing online because you will need it. I played over my monthly budget to try to offset the increase in my monthly gas prices. bad move, lol
I still have to deal with high gas prices along with no cashouts.

such is the life of chasing internet riches. I don't want to get rich, just cash once in a while. I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the slots, enough to go looking past my usual inet and FW deposits.

I hope someone else is hitting the withdraw button because I'm not.

I am going to forget where the deposit button is also!

Good luck to everyone, I am taking an internet vacation!

And remember (wink) I am not complaining!


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Sep 26, 2004
Similarly, I also played at All jackpots and lost around $150 on table games. I only desposit very little at Inet (and only with bonus) but it's unlikely you will meet half the WRs before going bust though it extended my play time at 40.20 per spin.

I did notice, however, that over the past 6 months, I was unable to win a single hand at Baccarat at MG when my bet was $50 or over and that was across several casinos ie All Jackpots, Canbet and Challenge. There werent too many of these but I would say about a dozen hands. Call that bad luck but I am :mad::mad: