Good Experience this week with Slots Oasis


Ueber Meister
Dec 20, 2009
After following some of the threads about slow pay, no pay, and then seeing it appear that QT was working at Slots Oasis. I decdied to jump back into their casino.

I was not owed any money, but had stayed on the sidelines as I watched other's concerns and even Bryan's caution.

But having had incredible good luck these past few weeks, I decided to give Slots Oasis a try again knowing that there was a chance of a problem. But, what the heck, I only risked $100.

FWIW, I deposited $100 via Quick Tender at Slots Oasis on Sunday night 2/6 using the 200% Bonus code. I took that $300 ($200 their's, $100 mine) and ran it up to $1,200 after meeting the play through/wagering requirements.

Sunday night 2/6 I requested a withdrawal of $1,200 to my Quick Tender account that I had used for the deposit. I received the money ($1,000 net after bonus removed) into my account on the 3rd business day after request. It worked just fine, no issues and as I had contact with support they were helpful and timeline promised was met without any hassle.

My hope is that the problems are behind them. I post this to give credit where it is due for current service being back to what I had experienced in the past. I haven't been on this forum for a few days, so I don't know what others are experiencing, but I wanted to get this posted/shared.