Good bye to bodogs bonus


Dormant account
Mar 16, 2004
It was a sad day when I deposited into Bodogpoker and only got a 10% bonus. :( I know, they sent me an email telling me it was coming. But I didn't want to accept it. I was hoping and praying I would still get my 20% since I am such a stellar affiliate :rolleyes: But, get the picture.

The 20% was a great deal for me. I would deposit 200, get my 40 bonus and play heads up sit n go for 50 buy in. Fee is 2.50, so if I was having a good day, I could make a tidy profit, and never have to pay the fee. Th ebonus covered it. Or, worst case, if I lost one game, I was really only taking a 12.50 loss, because the 40.00 bonus covered most of the hit. :thumbsup:

I will miss you, my friend the 20% instant bonus. We had many good games together. :D

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