Good books on Hold'em math (odds)?


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I am looking for a book focused on how to use odds in Holdem when making betting decisions. One holding all card odds, for own hand and against any of my opponents. Not a general strategy book, but just containing odds, probability and math behind the game. Any recommendations?


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two books

The best two books with such content (and the only ones, as I know thus far) are:
Mike Petrivs Holdem Odds Book
Catalin Barboianus Texas Holdem Odds.
While the first is just perfect for a recreational player, the second is holding much more math and also has a higher coverage on odds and probability. In fact, it covers all card odds from all possible situations and its very well organized. You may get it from . For the first, do a google search.


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Amazon sells an ebook / printed odds book. Just do a search

Also you could look into pokersource for source code on working out pot equity and things :p