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Apr 5, 2016
Hey all
Got a bit upset with my little rant about my favourite hobby earlier on the slots category.
As I explained I've been trying to double money by depositing small amounts and low rolling.. been getting nowhere for mths now.

I'd like to raise money as my daughter starts a new special needs school next year and requires an IPad with preloaded programmes on it (5-600 quid!!) When I add all those school costs up to attend an accessible inclusive school it's coming up at 1500 euro and I don't have that kinda money.
I have severe fibromyalgia myself and I don't work due to it so we are a one (low) income home. In saying that I'm glad we have a home !

I've been trying to raise some money for her for a while now because she had surgery on her spine in the U.S.A (she has cerebral palsy) a few years ago to help with her mobility but I Ireland there is no therapy for her to get stronger. Nothing. Not even a hydrotherapy pool locally. She has no physio therapist or personal trainer to help build her muscles and build her core. She would love to swim but our nearest pool is too cold for her ..due to being so slim and so little muscle mass I assume.

Believe me I've tried working with her. She does diddly squat but fight me on it. That's why I need professionals that cost money.
She's not in immediate life threatening danger of anything but the op she had allowed her to walk independently and she's since lost that ability due to growth spurts but she continues with her forearm crutches as she is stubborn as Her ol lady and refuses to use a wheelchair. .Her knees take all her weight and so the hyperextend badly and kids make fun of her . She Is a determined girl though and doesn't let it bother her. She just wants to be like every other kid of 12.
Anyway... here's the link..

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If anyone wants to donate if they happen to be luckier than me at this slot crap ..and are feeling like helping a kid up on her feet and into adulthood safely (by safely I mean not going backwards and back to stiff legs spasms contractures and pain plus future ops )
Here is the link to her gofundme. Or if you prefer PayPal pm me and il give you the email for her trust and direct trust fund at the bank (currently empty as the last few donations you see on there week by on horse riding lessons last summer to work on her core and balance)

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Thanks (hope it was ok to post.. just feeling worried tonight)
Thanks for reading!