GoldRock Casino SLOWPAY/NOPAY?


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Oct 26, 2004
Does anyone have any experiences with a RivalCasino named GoldRock Casino ?
I received a $10 Xmas bonus from them and managed to meet the req's and initiated a cashout via my QT account.
After the 24 period the withdrawal was reversed back to my account with no explanation. I sent off three emails which all went unanswered. Their live support does not work. The phone number support has had no answer for two weeks. Is this casino even open for business ?
It's only $100 but still, why give out bonuses if you have no intention on paying the winners.


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Jun 5, 2009
I managed to make a withdrawal from them of a free chip a few weeks ago. It was a few days after my docs were sent in.

It was a bit weird about the minimum deposit to do to get the money home.

I had to do a deposit and they told me that I wasn`t allowed to withdraw that money, I had to get a first deposit bonus of 100% on that money.

This means that I deposit 25$ and withdraw 100. At my account I now had 50$ and I lost them.

I still did a 75$ win.:)

They have given me bonuses during the holiday as well. I think that most "small" casinos are getting all staff together this week. They can`t pay people extra money during holiday.


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Mar 31, 2007
Even on a ND chip...they will want you to deposit via QT . It's a "verification" deposit. The ones I have dealt with with let you withdraw that right away. I just ran into a hassle with a Rival reversing my withdrawals and not telling me why until I jumped up and down and had a hissy fit:lolup:

I would guess that is the problem!