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GoldenTiger not paying deposit, im right though aren't I?

Discussion in 'Online Casino and Poker Complaints - old section' started by pkrnuts, Jul 26, 2004.

    Jul 26, 2004
  1. pkrnuts

    pkrnuts Dormant account

    Below is the email I sent their support after having my deposit (made for fun purposes) denied.. I contacted live help who gave me the answer that my deposit of 50 was subject to wagering reqs of a bonus I claimed after I requested a withdrawal, what's your take on it?

    First let me explain the sequence of transactions and events in the order
    they happened:

    May 2003
    -Deposited 250 - was refused bonus by CR - withdrew 250 (had points in CR ac still)

    July 2004
    -Deposited 40 - played some games - withdrew 40 - ac = 0.00
    -Deposited 50 - played some games - withdrew 40.50 - ac = 0.00
    -Then later that day receive email from CR saying I can now have the bonus
    awarded to me in May so I think, sure I'll give it a whirl knowing the
    wagering would be the original 250+250x10 or whatever your current terms
    were so I went and checked. Turned out to be 500x15. ac = 246.67
    -Played with the 246.67, unfortunately lost it. ac = 0.00
    -Had my 40.50 returned, tried to withdraw again
    -Returned again, I contact you now.

    So as you can see I'm a little miffed at how I've been told the deposit I
    made has somehow been mixed in with this bonus, the account balance tells
    the story, look through my playcheck records and look through your email
    records, I cashed in that 40.50 before I even received your email informing
    me of this bonus being available. I've also been told that your 'account
    unlocked' emails are automatic and by the looks of the text I'd have to
    agree, very pre-written, very convenient it arrived after a cashout without
    warning of a problem such as this.

    As far as I can see you have no right to withold my deposit made in good
    faith to play your games for my enjoyment, I would appreciate a personal
    reply and not some copy/paste from the T&Cs, I know what T&Cs are, I read
    them thoroughly so problems like this never arise. I would like an honest
    response to my detailed explanation of what has happened.

    Awaiting your reply,


    Basically got the usual useless reply saying:

    As you have been told previously by the support team you have redeemed a bonus into your account and are subject to wagering requirements.

    You are given the option not to receive the sign up bonus however you redeemed the bonus yourself and therefore wagering applies.

    It is your responsibility to read and understand these terms before you join the casino.

    Now, I believe my original deposit should be paid back to me, it has the same standing as the deposit made a few days before of 40. ie. it was deposited and withdrawal requested before any bonus claim. The 2nd withdrawal of 40.50 was requested before I got the email from CR saying my account had been unlocked so my account went down to 0.00 then I had the bonus stuck in. Which I assumed would exclusively carry the wagering terms for the original 250 + this bonus, hence the 500x15.

    Am I in the wrong or do I deserve the deposit? Yes it was on the same day, but at the time of withdrawal I had no idea the bonus was available, and as the CR emails are automatic it's not like there was a large delay between it being available and me being told, plus my emails are regularly checked.

  2. Jul 26, 2004
  3. maxfalcon

    maxfalcon Dormant account

    Not everything is clear in my mind... But if you have requested the withdrawal before accepting the bonus, you should get it...

    What was your last balance before accepting the bonus? I am having a hard time on this one... :confused:
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2004
  4. Jul 26, 2004
  5. Stanford

    Stanford Dormant account

    I also agree that if you initiated a withdrawal prior to accepting the bonus, the withdrawal should be allowed. However, it they told you the bonus was linked to this deposit, then withdrawing the bonus and accepting the bonus won't work.

    In any case, I am suspicious of this group. The Casino Rewards group is a rogue group. They apply bonus terms retroactivly and the problem has been continuing. This is a group to avoid.

    The casinos making up this group were Blackjack Ballroom, Golden Tiger, Yukon Gold, Lucky Emperor, Strike It Lucky, Virtual City, and Zodiac. I believe this list is accurate.

    There is a long thread about this group at WOL. I think Jetset has assisted players but I am not sure the group is rehabililitated.

  6. Jul 26, 2004
  7. hhcfreebie

    hhcfreebie Dormant account

    Also the Yukon Gold casino.
    These are the few MG casinos that are NOT approved by ECOGRA, and ECOGRA is started by MG. :lolup:
    Avoid all these rogue casinos by all cost.
  8. Jul 26, 2004
  9. thesmacker

    thesmacker Most Annoying Forum Member of 2006

    What this rogue group has been doing lately is adding wagering requirements from old bonuses that a player may have claimed and applying them to new deposits. This is how it goes:

    Their old sign up terms used to be 3 times deposit and bonus, it has now been changed to 15 times. They now have decided to add wagering requirements from when the bonuses where 3 times to 15 times thus if you have wagered 3 times from a year ago and cashed out, they now add another 12 times to any new deposit and bonus accepted plus the current 15 times.

    So to summerize it seems to work like this: Sign up under the old sign up bonus, 100 for 50 wager 450$, wager the 450$ and cash out. Recieve an existing player bonus for say 100 for 50 wager 2250, but they also expect you to wager an extra 1800$ from the sign up bonus a year ago. This is by far the stupidest and most absurd thing I have ever heard of and the reason why I have removed all of their casinos from my websites.

    Golden Tiger and its sister sites (Virtual City, Blackjack Ballroom, Strike it Lucky, Yukon Gold, Zodiac, Lucky Emperor and Golden Tiger Poker) are a disgrace to this industry, their support is clueless and have been demonstrating rogue behavoir since their inception. I advise all players to avoid these casinos, there are far to many good MG's out there to waste your time at these places.

    BTW, a funny side note, they dont include autoplay action as contributing to wagering requirements to their bonuses, why even have the autoplay feature then? duh
  10. Jul 27, 2004
  11. Stanford

    Stanford Dormant account

    Yes, I agree. Very strange.

    Casinomeister, this group is a continuing problem. If they just concede every time they get caught, but then return to similar behavior is that enough to stay off the rogue list?

    I don't think anyone considers them legitimate.

  12. Jul 27, 2004
  13. sw2003

    sw2003 Dormant account

    somewhere :)

    To add another point of view, I played this group a couple of months ago when the WR was something like 15 times. Of the ones that I have played, they did not give me any trouble.
  14. Jul 27, 2004
  15. pkrnuts

    pkrnuts Dormant account

    Thanks for your comments so far, I certainly think I am entitled to get this deposit back but they've gone into 'ignore all emails' mode.

    To repeat and possibly simplify the matter somewhat for those not following 100% here is another brief outline..

    The 100% match bonus was awarded in points and added to my CR account back in 2003 for a 250 deposit, CR appeared to have locked my account and so I withdrew my deposit and didn't bother chasing them up for the bonus to be credited to my casino account.

    This month I made 2 deposits of 40 and 50 roughly a week apart.

    The first 40 I played with and withdrew (no mention that it was tied into a bonus - as the bonus was still unclaimed) and they paid it quickly.

    The 50 I played with and had 40.50 left, I then requested a withdrawal of the 40.50 which left my account balance showing 0.00 (at this point bonus still unclaimed as I had no idea it was available).

    Roughly 3-4 hours later that day (from what I can remember) I receive an email (automated I assume) from CR saying my account was unlocked and I had a bonus available to claim (worth 246.67). I claimed it, logged into my casino account and balance now showed 246.67.

    Alas a few hours of bad luck later I was left with 0.00 (no worries I thought, was only a bonus I'd forgotten about from over a year ago).

    Few days later I wonder where my 40.50 is, log into casino account and there it is. Support tell me it's subject to the wagering requirements of the 246.67 bonus - this is where I disagree.

    Final line: The bonus was NOT claimed until AFTER (albeit just 3-4 hours) I requested a withdrawal of the 40.50 and I've never played there previously. My balance showed 0.00 BEFORE any bonus was credited.

    Their stance I think is that as it was on the same day it's subject to it - nice of them to tell me of the bonus a few hours after a deposit withdrawal with no warning, the live support is absolutely useless - seem very amateurish and unwilling to see your point of view.

    Hope that made it clearer, now to send more emails :I
  16. Aug 3, 2004
  17. Stanford

    Stanford Dormant account

    Any change? What happened?

    You might note in another thread, other players complain about this group as well.

  18. Aug 3, 2004
  19. pkrnuts

    pkrnuts Dormant account

    As it happens I got a reply from Golden Tiger support this morning after I sent off an email to them instead of the CR support detailing what's happened, got the ever so useful reply of:

    Brick wall comes to mind, quite literally. I can't see any other way to infiltrate this hard line of defence who knock me back with 'requirements' without reading my email.
  20. Aug 4, 2004
  21. Stanford

    Stanford Dormant account

    Maybe you can pitch a bitch.
  22. Aug 4, 2004
  23. Chill

    Chill Dormant account

    So you and a couple of people that scream the loudest makes up the whole gambling community? In the other thread a player has almost shurely broken the T&C but still you go screaming ROGUE all over the thread, grow up!
    As a player I have cashed out over 40k so far this year and never had a single problem. I also know others that have cashed out considerable sums without problems.
  24. Aug 4, 2004
  25. Stanford

    Stanford Dormant account

    I wish you continued good luck. I hope you have no problems.

    I can't speak for the whole community, however I would like that terms not be retroactive. I can understand if you do not share that sentiment.

    Those that know me can attest that I am grown up.


    PS - I edited this comment for this P.S. It looks like you have a portal that advertises Golden Tiger. Now I see why you are so upset. Players can find the portal by reviewing Chill's post and readers might note the prior post as well.

    Last edited: Aug 4, 2004
  26. Aug 4, 2004
  27. Chill

    Chill Dormant account

    Did I hide the fact that I have a portal? I said that as a player I have had no problems with them, absolutely none.
    If I had problems as a player I would never promote them, thats why I actually play at the casinos I promote, to test them out.

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