GoldenPalace/CasinoBlaster - how is the bonus handled on withdrawal?


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Jun 2, 2005
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I apologise for starting a new thread, as this matter is the final aspect of the on-going drama of my other CasinoBlasters (nonpayment of winnings) thread - it's just that I am after a specific answer relating to how the bonuses from this casino chain are handled upon withdrawal.

My records state that they still owe me 200quid - they say they have overpaid me 400quid. As hard as it is for me to believe that a casino has overpaid me, if they are telling the truth, they have. I can't check that they are telling the truth as all my accounts have been locked. Obviously, I am a bit loathe to believe them as they have already lied to me a number of times, so the circle of trust has been somewhat eroded.

The dispute arises from my having withdrawal confirmation emails clearly stating amounts of my withdrawals. I believe the bonus money has already been deducted from these emails, they tell me the bonus money has yet to be deducted. Can anyone clarify this for me?

Sure, there is a level of vindictiveness in my chasing of the last 5% - however, it is mine after all. Had they been less rude to me (despite my never-ending politeness), I would be less inclined to retrieve every single dollar I am owed. Obviously, if it turns out they are telling me the truth and I have been overpaid, I would only insist on paying them the money back (minus administration fees for 12 hours on international line to Canada, not too mention compensation for stress).

I would appreciate it if someone who has played at GoldenPalace or one of the other Casino Blasters casinos could clarify this for me...

They are sending two emails, the first with subject 'withdrawal request' includes the bonus amount, the second email with subject 'pending withdrawal processed' states the withdrawal amount less the bonus.

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