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It looks like GoldenCasino is either playing games or straight out ripping me off. They aren't denying me my money at this point, just playing games

On 10/31 I signed up a new account and tried to deposit $555 for a promotion they were running. My neteller deposit was rejected and I received an email from them that my attempted deposit exceeds their first deposit limits and requested my ID docs.

I sent them, then they responded that the utility bill and bank statement were too old and there was a discrepency in the address information. I explained that in costa rica there are no street addresses nor home mail delivery. My cable bill shows the physical direction to my house, not my mailing address. It does show my name, phone number and that I live in san rafael de heredia. The bank statement shows my name and mailing address of po116-3015 (as registered on the casino account), san rafael de heredia. I resent them my most current statements and they accepted them.

I played past the bonus requirements and submitted a withdraw of $680.

2 weeks later, still no money in my neteller account. I contacted support:

GP0859077885: GoldenCasino: Welcome to Golden Casino's Live Support! How may I help you?
GP0859077885: hello, can you tell me what the normAL TURNAROUND TIME IS FOR WITHDRAWALS?
GP0859077885: sorry about the caps
GoldenCasino: no worries
GoldenCasino: how long is going o take for you to receive a payment
GP0859077885: yes, I have a withdraw request that is going on 2 weeks now
GoldenCasino: let me check for you
GoldenCasino: it was send out on November 03
GoldenCasino: sory that inforamtion was not for you
GoldenCasino: it was for another customer please disregard the message
GP0859077885: no, that is not correct. This was to go to my neteller account. Also, it still shows as pending
GP0859077885: OK, NP
GoldenCasino: what I have here is the account is that is still on pending status
GP0859077885: I sent all my docs and they were accepted?
GoldenCasino: it says here that some docs are received I'm checking on that right now
GP0859077885: Still checking?
GoldenCasino has left the chat conversation
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After 40 minutes waiting they disconnected my chat session. I reconnected:

GoldenCasino: Welcome to Golden Casino's Live Support! How may I help you?
GP0859077885: I was waiting so long my previous chat window expired
GP0859077885: hello?
GoldenCasino: yes I'm cheking
GP0859077885: :)
GoldenCasino: it is missing 2 utility bills
GP0859077885: I submitted a bank statement and a cable bill
GP0859077885: When I signed up, I was unable to deposit and you requested my documents first. Once they were accepted, I deposited
GoldenCasino: when ?
GP0859077885: one sec
GP0859077885: 10/31
GoldenCasino: because, the one the we have here one of the utility bills is showing as an old utility bill
GoldenCasino: they need to have a current one, with your name, address on, and they don't take on line statement..
GP0859077885: I sent twice. The first time you said it was old, so I resent the newest
GP0859077885: cable and bank statement
GoldenCasino: Ste?ve
GoldenCasino: tSteve?
GP0859077885: the second time was sent on 11/1
GoldenCasino: Steve?/ got it this time
GP0859077885: yes, Steve Michael Worrell
GoldenCasino: one financial statement , showing as no mane or address on it, another bill was to old
GoldenCasino: and they a re still waiting to have 2 utility bills in the correct way
GP0859077885: The bank statement has my name and mailing address as registered on the account
GP0859077885: The cable bill shows my name, and san rafael de heredia and my phone number
GoldenCasino: we don't have it here please forward it as soon as possible in order to send your payment
GoldenCasino: we did not receive the cable bill
GP0859077885: I have it right here, send to security?
GP0859077885: they were all sent together
GoldenCasino: please forward it again ..
GP0859077885: to anyones attention?
GoldenCasino: attention to
GP0859077885: sent, you should have it now
GP0859077885: can you confirm that it is acceptable?
GoldenCasino: perfect....
GoldenCasino: you will have to wait...
GoldenCasino: please wait....
GoldenCasino: still waiting ok.
GP0859077885: NP, I'm still here
GoldenCasino: good....
GP0859077885: I think this is going to disconnect again <=== I had been waiting another 40 minutes at this point
GoldenCasino: no im here
GoldenCasino: waiting
GoldenCasino: still we dont have any records
GP0859077885: ?
GP0859077885: You haven't received them?
GP0859077885: I sent to and it didn't bounce
GoldenCasino: and I don't have it here
GoldenCasino: still waiting and checking
GP0859077885: should I fax them?
GoldenCasino: by email it should be fine
GoldenCasino: but sometimes the server is busy to receive emails checking again please wait
GoldenCasino: are you using the same email as the casinos account
GP0859077885: yes, I sent from
GP0859077885: I just sent again
GoldenCasino: ok I will be checking
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

GP0859077885: I just uploaded these to a server. You can right click and save them or view in your browser
GoldenCasino: OK
GoldenCasino: I don't see and I don't know why we can't see it here
GP0859077885: I just sent both by fax as well
GoldenCasino: cheking
GP0859077885: Hmmm.. I just checked out casinomeister, and I see what the problem is now
GoldenCasino: what it is because you got me cheking and cheking and nothing yet...

I waited 1:20 minutes on this chat session + 40 minutes on the previous chat session. 2 hours of my life I'll never get back while this guy is telling me he isn't receiving the emails I am sending to him, can't see the documents when I loaded them on a server for him to view and isn't seeing the fax I just sent.

These people have $680 of my money. $499 initial deposit + $181 in winnings. Can anybody tell me what I should do? I did a search on this casino and I see many people have been ripped off. I looked on the casinomeister rogue list before depositing and didn't find them there, but I guess I should have looked further.


Dormant account
I just received this email from GoldenCasino, that they have now received my documents and my payout would be processed. I want to say thank you to everyone here on this board and the casinomeister for providing this forum.

I will come back and update again when my funds are received

Dear Steve,

Your documents were received and your account approved for payout.
Once a casino account is cleared by our department, the accounting department begins to process a client's payment. The software system requires 72 hours in pending mode, then the payment is processed within a few days.

You will receive an email from the accounting department once your payout has been processed. If you have any questions regarding your payment, please direct them to accounting@ and they will be able to assist you

Thank you,
Security Department

Golden Casino


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you got lucky!! If my memory is correct, I think GoldenCasino use to be Golden Palace and their reputation got so bad , they changed names. That is, Im thinking of the right place


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you got lucky!! If my memory is correct, I think GoldenCasino use to be Golden Palace and their reputation got so bad , they changed names. That is, Im thinking of the right place

well GoldenPalace had to ban US players because they are playtech software, so they opened GoldenCasino for US players.


You type well loads
Funds received today.
Try to keep it that way, even when they send you the next offer for an incredible x thousand% bonus - either they have incompetent IT and CS, or they were trying to pull a stunt on you till you mentioned the magic word, Abracada...Casinomeister:D