This casino is great !!
Good bonus, customer service and fast pay-outs. If you havent played here yet then get going !!

Goldenballscasino is paying people $10 to
post "good things" about them on numerous forums. If they really believe that this type of
"spam" will enhance the reputation of their casino, their marketing director is a moron,
and should be fired. A pretty "sleazy" way
to get "free" advertising. :rolleyes:
Apparently, some people who post can't read (no postings that are cloaked spam). This is obviously that canned meat. (Jeezus, get a life!!) I checked out the casino and as soon as I got to the site I had to run down to the cellar to grab a beer. I needed something to calm my nerves after that mind-wretching muzak began to play (if you go to the site, you'll know what I mean). Frightening! Absurd!!

I noticed that they got the thumbs up from the e-gaming commission. Whoo-boy! A real quality casino!! :rolleyes:

Anybody care to critique? I don't have the time to waste.

I have the time..

This was posted at a forum in reply to a questioning member..Me.

Any comments?Is he in the right?

Here goes...


I dont try to make any kind of Spam. I dont put the Ads regarding this promotion here. A member put it because it received it by email.

When I have a promotion, that I think is good for members here, I put directly it here...

I dont think that it is SPAM ! If it is so, then let me know.

Usually I send the promos by a Weekly News direct to my players emails database...with the option to be removed from the list in a easy way.

I am working with a very honest casino. All promos announced by me are real and winners are real too.

The promo of this weekend, regarding 10.00 in Cash, is having some troubles because our Servers in CAnada had a lot of problem by the Storm that caused some danger last day. My operator told me that all the $10.00 will be put in the players account within 2-3 hours.

I always try to make the things easy and maintain happy to my players and members of this forum. I come here every day , 4-5 times daily and I always put "Email me notification of all replies to this topic", in order to know if there are any kind of problems.

I work for the casino more than 14 hours daily...getting the best position as possible.

Next week we will get the winner. I wish that the winner will be a member of this board to demonstrate that we are real with real offers and promotions.

Let me know if you have any kind of problems writing to

Thanks for your time and have a Nice and lucky Day!

The response from "Victor" the GB casino rep,
doesn't address the real issue here.
(storms, server problems, how many hours he works
is NOT what this is about)

The "issue" is whether or not it is "acceptable"
to offer money to people to "praise" this casino
on public forums. Would you do this for free if they asked you nicely? Rather doubtful. But for
$10, people will "sell there soul". Are these
"great casino" posts made because players really
love this place, or because of a "free $10"?
In 99% of the posts, I think we all know the answer!

The marketing rep that mass e-mailed these "offers" took a shot that for a
"$10 freebie", this casino would get a huge
amount of positive publicity. In my opinion,
"paid" glowing reviews of a casino are worthless.
This "promo" reeks of sleaziness on the casino's part. I personally e-mailed them and requested to be removed from their e-mail list. I am NOT a customer of this casino, and never will be, after
they tried this "gimmick" approach.
Just my 2 cents worth.... :lame:
Not only goldenballs but now video poker classic is on the act. It is nice to know customer service listens after all I did say they would have to pay me to play there again

but this WASN'T what I meant. STAY AWAY

They obviously did not think this through. A promo like this could easily backfire, and I believe it has. To pay people to say nice things is a load of crap. It's like buying votes. And as a side note, when a casino claims to be an "honest casino" it's a big turn-off for me.

Getting players to spam message boards is not the way to go. Most boards have topic areas that have been specifically created for promos or casino announcements (like in this forum).
To post spam in other topic areas, or cloaked spam in this case, is just plain thoughtless.

Dear Meister.

The are numerous casinos offering bonuses and the like for voting for them.

Is that classed as spam also?
Hi Amandajm,

If it smells like spam? Well....

Giving bonuses to players to merely vote for them is buying votes and there should be some other incentives. The problem is that this is an extremely competitive market, and casino operators may feel perturbed in seeing their competitors doing so, thus causing them to take the quick way out and do the same. This is not spam, it's just buying a vote.

What's worse? Well they are both deceptive. It's one thing to say, "hey, put a good word in for us and we'll plug $10 into your account," to come across as some superficial "If you havent played here yet then get going!!" crap that any vistor in a forum can see right through.

Spam is something we must all live with. This is why there is a section specifically for promotional material in this forum. This gives casino operators to post their ads without coming across as a "gee this is great" transparent post.

Judging by your answer,the Goldenballs promo really only became spam when someone posted it in the wrong section of this and other forums(which just had to happen).

Therefore the whole promo is spam because it was destined to be posted incorrectly and then reach unwanted eyes?

Could that not be said for any type of advertising campaign?However hard the advertiser tries to single out a market,someone somewhere is not going to want to see it or hear it...Would you not agree?

If so,then this thread is a bit unfair to Goldenballs(in my humble opinion),not withstanding the fact that the software is poo and it was thier own dodgy promo that was the start of it...

Apparently Goldenballs pay if you win i hear,which is helpful in this industry and nion original it seems..

Thankyou for letting me pick your brains again.. :)
I see this sort of thing as an intrusion on the real forum, which is the place most used by regular posters in their exchanges with one another. The seasoned spammers know that damned well, and they also know (or should do their homework and find out) that the better MBs have a specific session where members go to get information on promos when they want it.

That section is where the spammers should place their material and not clutter up the forum proper with intrusive and uninvited information of a commercial nature.

Unfortunately the sort of promo GoldenBalls and some others have initiated which led to this thread will attract "amateur" spammers and they wallpaper every message board in sight with scant respect for regular members. I agree with the 'Meister that that could well bite them in the ass with the target market they are irritating with this sort of unrepentant, false BS.

It doesn't say much for the casino/s indulging in this practice or their so-called marketing managers.
I have to agree with your stance Jetset.

I shall not be playing there,so the proof is in the pudding.

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