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Oct 11, 2002
Has anyone ever played here before. I have had no response from them regarding my cashin. i have emailed them numerous times now. I didn't see them on the blacklist. They have my original deposit plus $30 that I won.
I am getting worried now. If they respond I will let all know. I believe the sister casinos are Martian and Golden7. I have emailed those casinos and the same person replies.
Mi Marionck,

Someone needs to keep me on my toes!

Martian and Golden7 are run by who are the same folks behind Casinobar and Casino-on-air. These casinos have been accused of having cheating software in the past.

More on Casinobar here:

Martian Casino is down. I wouldn't have much hope on receiving any money they owe you. Sorry.


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