Golden7casino - cheaters



Don't believe a word they print!!!

Oh no - another "rotten" casino. It seems to me, like there's a higher risk joining and trusting casinos today, than the risk of playing (and loosing).

I had a promotional mail from Golden7casino giving 100$ for 100$. The terms for this promotion was added - it said about the bonus : "Promotional credit is for casino play and cannot be withdrawn without being played with."

I chose to join, purchased a 100$ and had my bonus. I then wagered around 400 - 600 $ during the next couple ofdays. By that time I felt that things had gone pretty much down (I had been pretty much below a 100$, but were back to 106), So I chose to withdraw the 100$ from the purchase, however I couldn't because the system forbid me to withdraw the bonus.

I wrote the casino and had the answer : "There is a wagering requirement of 5 times your initial deposit and the bonus.( only single chance bets in roulette and craps do not qualify)
After this is fullfilled the deposit, the bonus and any winnigs from it can be freely withdrawn any time.

Whoops - new rules during the game. I wrote back telling that the original offer was otherwise and had the answer : "I know. that.But should we discuss advertising? Sometimes the flow of information inside a firm is not quite like a "Mississipi- river-is is more like "rafting".:)
I hope you understand."

What do you think ??? Rules doen't count when it hits yourself !!

I chose to accept instead of making any more trouble. So I wagered around 600 $ mor, bringing the account up to 160$. So I chose to withdraw these money - but I still couldn't do that.

I wrote the casino again explaning the situation and had the answer :

"Dear Mr. Laursen,

Your balance shows $160 including $100 bonus .
You have to play with it ."

I now felt pretty pissed: The casino clearly lied to me, and it seems like (alltough changing their own rules) the don't live up to their promise.

By now I don't believe them at all so I have descided to withdraw the 60$ - minimizing the loss : However I'll have to see, if they'll pay that or steal these money to !

My advice for everybody is: Stay away from those guys - the casino's today are looking for honest players, however it would be nice if they descide to moove along themselfe keeping up a certain degree of honesty
This was on their Website:

Truth in Advertising

Golden7Casino promotions and publish only accurate information about their operations. Gaming and Wagering Operator Member rules, registration procedures and payout percentages are made available to the public.

I've been getting spam from them. I just delete it. The whole operation--website, software, their promos look cheesy as hell. I would never play at such a site.

I say forget them. There are plenty of "name-brand" sites that will pay your your winnings.

Go to the OPA reccommended list. For the most part you can't go wrong with these sites.
Hi All,

I'd like to check out their site, but it's down :( boo-hoo.

If you are going to gamble online, check out the OPA Recommended Casinos or the casinos we have listed here. I get complaints everyday from people having problems with casinos, and when I check out the casino's site, it's usually some cheesy piece of crap. I have no idea what goes through peoples' minds when they join these sites. They've gotta be smoking some Maui Wowie or completely drunk out of their minds.

I've emailed them for comment as I think these people may well be candidates for an UNfavorable mention on CasinoGazette. What kind of software is this anyway? Anyone identify it?
Oh, by the way...

I wasn't implying that hamselv was smoking dope or drinking a good Danish beer when he was patronizing the casino.

Sorry :)


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