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Jan 19, 2019
I wish I could write a review of how the gameplay was, or games or the great time I had sadly I could not. I have twice in my life deposited at this site once on Jan 11th 2020 - I played some games uneventful -

I would talked into trying again as a friend said it was the best site out there EVER ! This brought me to near despair

My second deposit made via idebit on the 31st May 2020 - of $50; is still in pending status as of today AUG 23RD - yet the funds were taken from my bank June 2nd - continued below for what i can only describe as some of the most inane conversations I have ever had.....

I remembered it was while since i deposited and rarely play at this site so - kinda forgot about it. Obviously I was like how is this STILL PENDING i was expecting to see a balance - last conversation I was told to wait 24/48 hours will fix itself.

I went to chat and was asked by Gregory around 6pm to send copy of bank statement showing debit. I even highlighted it. For future ref - this bank statement contained day of transaction, amount, showing it went to idebit; idebits reference, I also included the header page for my details.

[if you have never used idebit, they do not take from you account when you depsoit, they take a look via web banking and withdraw couple of days later with a small fee - in this case 31st May @$50 - was $51.50 on June 2nd] easy right ??????

So after sending the information at 6 was told as there was differences they would not look any further - [but still nothin on why they choose to keep my deposit pending since May]

After sending an explaination, I was told to resend the bank information as a "screen shot" - I did but - I only have access to month end statements - which contains everything but one months worth ! lol

After sending the information they requested, I was told I also need to send screen shots so they can see - transaction, amount, showing it went to idebit; idebits reference, - so unless your Mars or ride a short bus - its on the statement.

I gave benefit of doubt and resent highlighting exactly where it was on page and all the details they wanted - except for exact time - my monthly bank statement goes by the day not month. And I thought to self they have not done anything for 3 months now seconds count ???

In the reply I was asked again for a screen shot that contained transaction, amount, showing it went to idebit; idebits reference, - they would not go any further unless i did this - you know the thing i already sent them.

After the third try Gregory accepted the statements and was now asking for screen shots of my account at Goldenstar.....WHAT....WAIT ,,,,,,WHAT - you need me to send YOU screen shots of your own system ? Also NOT only this one - BUT EVERY OTHER TRANSACTION I HAVE DONE [there were two- i sent them....]

I was also asked for the online banking reference - which was on the statement sent now 1.5 hours ago.

Cut to another hour - I was told YES THE FUNDS ARE PENDING - as per there own system, and now we have to escalate the things i have to do rather than them - providing a printed month end statement showing the funds leaving my account is no longer good enough.

I NEED TO NOW CALL MY BANK ? As my bank knows what happens after the money has left my account !! and they need more details - the statement is the statement this guy is under the impression only if you call your bank they have a special secret statement that can only be accessed by a call - I ask what else is needed - of course - transaction, amount, showing it went to idebit; idebits reference,......- you know the thing I sent hours ago. Gregory has also stumbled upon the smoking gun reason and demands he cannot go any further with out every piece of information possible on my depsoit of Jan 11th that cleared via a pre-paid mastercard and had no issues - they refuse helping me till i can provide. According the the casino rules.......[he said that] - at this point I lost my cool and called him an idiot among things.

Fast forward another hour 9.30 ish pm - I now get Sandra asking for the information that i sent to Grg like 4 times and highlighted, they will no any further without transaction, amount, showing it went to idebit; idebits reference, [you know the info they have] I send to her, they may have diff emails.

Sandra ups the Ante more she also wants EVERY TRANSACTION I HAVE EVER DONE - yep i sent the copy of the two from there website -

TO NOTE - and this is important there website has date; time; i debit $50 and pending no reference anywhere, but you know what that does not hold these guys back

They also need that reference - that is not showing on their website and they have never provided to me OR THEY WILL GO NO FURTHER, so i have to give them information they have never provided and refuse to provide me until I provide them........ imbecile mexican standoff !!

I am then told to contact Idebit and get more info - I say fine, what reference are you using with them - WE CANNOT GIVE YOU THAT INFORMATION TILL YOU GIVE ME YOURS....

I message them, I even sent Goldenstar the screenshot of me and idebit, him telling me he needs the reference to look up - and me saying they won't give it and him also expressing a " are you f*ing serious vibe" how can you look into if they are refusing to look at any info you have given, keep asking for SAME INFO, and more that you dont have access too

So here I am now 1 am - 7 hours after I stated with Sandra asking me another 28 times for information she has, to only to tell me with out it they wont investigate why this is pending and where the $50 went........

SO STAY AWAY - this was made so maddeningly difficult - at times a person / a bot / a person and a bot / someone who is not given access to support players / towing a company line of frustrating enough you go away an leave ???

I dont know - I do know I lost it at the end and swore alot - sorry Sandra - even if your a bot. But how can you assume you will get paid if this is how they treat people and clearly have lost records........ Not an apology, not oh fixed it but dug in, I am wrong


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May 31, 2015
Any casino related to alpha affiliates is the exact definition of wrong. They will make you insane for small cashout. Their support is not the usual softswiss agents. Why not? Because softswiss agents dont lie and induce customers into problems.
Read their bonus terms. Its vague and designed to be able to accuse you of bonus abuse if you ever accept a deposit bonus that they sent you in the first place pretty much everyday. You think you can manage their vague bonus ratio terms? First thing would be to ask a chat agent to give you your bonus ratio. Just ask them... and they wont tell.
Verified account and made a little profit from cash funds? Well its time for insanity reverification, canceled withdrawals 15 times in a row and trying to deal with this with their chat agent that will act as if he doesnt know whats going on. Gunsbet.. Spinia... Goldenstar... name it... all the exact same madness.
Go read complaints about them.