Golden Spur Removed $125 From My Account


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Jun 11, 2006
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Golden Spur Casino offers a generous no deposit bonus of $50 with many conditions assoiciated with that bonus. The first requirement is to meet a playthrough of 40xB with BJ counting 50%. I took some risks and ended at $135.

I made a serious mistake at this point and did not realize that there is a second condtion in the T&C of depositing more than $100 and playing through that deposit. Instead I deposited $50. I tried to cancel, but was required to meet the playthrough on this deposit. After exchanging many emails about not getting the listed bonus, I eventually was given the 50% first deposit bonus. I ended at $125, and withdrew my $50 deposit.

On 9/6 my $50 withdrawl was approved. And on 9/7 I found an additional $125 removed from my account! Golden Spur claims that I made a withdrawl before meeting the playthrough, so they are justified in removing all remaining money in my account (see T&C at
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In the initial deposit section of the T&C, they say that they will remove all remaining credits in your account if you request a withdrawl prior to completing wagering requirements on that deposit. I met the wagering requirements on my initial deposit before requesting a withdrawl, so my position is the account balance should not have dropped to zero. They claim that the quote about the initial deposit reversion to zero is not limited to the initial deposit bonus, but also the $100+ deposit that is required for the no deposit bonus. I didn't deposit $100+ yet, so therefore I have not met the playthrough and they can remove all my winnings.

Is there anything that can be done at this point? Or should I just move on and accept that I am not getting my money?
Personally, I thing you were lucky getting your $50 back! I listed these guys as one of the funny bad promos awhile back...FREE $50 but you have to pay us for it! AND meet impossible WR"S!!...
IMOP You did violate their terms, even though it takes a rocket scientist to figure them out! I suspect someone overstepped their boundries when they gave u the 50% the first time...or they are just plain mean! With this kind of double talk, Id just leave!:)

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