Golden Rivera Poker don't honor their promise


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Apr 5, 2004
I made a deposit of $50 into their poker room, expecting the 100% match bonus to begin my learning in poker game. 1 and half month later, they still not give me any free money as they promise, even after I writing them for several times. BTY, they never response to emails.
The have been a real problem for a while now. I'd suggest filing a complaint with eCOGRA. They are an eCOGRA approved casino, so your complaint should get quick attention. Here's the link:
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Is it possible you had already signed up with another Prima skin before signing up with them? Just a possibility, unlike most poker rooms with skins it is one bonus per name no matter how many skins you try and sign up for.

Obviously if they are not returning emails and have a bad habit of this then this may not be the issue.
JPM's advice is sound. If GR is ignoring your emails then lodge a dispute immediately with eCOGRA.
Thanks for JPM's advice, I will try it.
I don't think I have ever been signed up with another Prima Network, since I am a rookie in poker game, I didn't play a lot.And even I have, I think they should let people know they are not qualify for this offer if they have been signed up with another one.
Thanks for all your replies.
I will sort this out

Hi chainhortz and the rest of you guys,

Hope you are all well!

Chainhortz, I have sent you a private note about this, I am going to make sure that if we have made a mistake, we correct it for you swiftly.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, I will make sure that any fault is properly corrected.

Golden Riviera Poker
a follow-up:

I recieved an apology letter and $75 credits(100%sign-up bonus+$25 extra credit)from PokerPhil in GoldenriveraPoker. Now I am satisfied with this solution.

FYI, I also complained this issue early to, but they said since eCOGRA's dispute mediation service currently is only available to the traditional casino instead of a poker room, so they would not be able to involve directly except to forward my information to the poker room.

I think that is it.

Thanks again for all your concerns and helps.

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