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Mar 17, 2003
How is these casino?
Anyone has any idea about it? Golden Palace Casino and Golden Palace Live. They sound preety OK but I do not know how they are. If you know anything, please do share some.

I deposited $50 in GP Live but just found out that I needed to wait at least 2-6 WEEKS! You heard me, WEEKS not days before the check will arrive. They can't even return your winnings to your Credit Card and can only send you a check.

Also deposited $100 into GP Casino to get the 200% bonus. Made it up to $600 and then cashed out. Their T&C says that if you cash out above the 200% bonus, the bonus will be taken off and the rest is your winning. For my case, it is $200 only. So in actual fact, I only WON $300 (minus $100 deposit). Now GP Casino do offer NETeller and etc.

I am keeping my fingers crossed on this. Hope that they are good. The customer service seems to be OK (fast and efficient).

Please do give your feedback! Thanx!
I know that Golden Palace has been on the meister's sh*t list for a while now. Hopefully they won't screw with your winnings.
You know, the funny thing is that I did not see it there! That's why I went over and played there a little. It's not a BIG win, just only $300 (GP Casino) and $100 (GP Live).

According to the CSR, my $100 has already been cancelled and my CC will not be charged at all.

So, it should all be good, I hope!

Still keeping my fingers crossed. :rolleyes:
I hit four dueces and a Joker-$10,000.00 a little over a year ago. They credited $1,900.00 to my credit card and never paid me the rest and won't even respond to my emails. I'm not the only one. You couldn't beat me into playing there again.
I had placed them on the back burner, since no one has had any problems with them for quite some time. Antonia, if you have knowledge of problems with these guys, refer them to me and let's see how they'll respond.
I had problems. I deposit $100 got the 200% bonus. Hit a full house on Progressive Caribean Poker. Cashout for $632 - $200 for their bonus = $432. I received an email to fax or email my credit card front and back and id. I sent them! you know what they did? They credit my $100 back to my neteller account. It took 10 business days. They said their bank handles that. And they place the $332 back into my playing account. I called an asked they why they places it back. They told me Accounting would be out for a the week. And they will process when they return. Guess what? I played Craps and Crapped out 7 times in a ROW!
I play Golden Palace frequently and never have had a problem cashing out. I enjoy the Aqua software more then any other and cash outs are paid to my neteller account like clockwork in 4 days after ID is sent for the first withdrawl. They have been shakey in the past but are now one of the larger casinos on the net and I think have really cleaned up there act.
Well Bryan,

I finally received all my winnings today from Golden Palace Casino. It's not really a lot just a $300 win.

It's a week of processing and etc. for me to get the money but it finally did come to me, so it's all good!

Happy to know that everything is A-OK.
After all the pleas last year for GP to be removed from the bummer list it is interesting to see that there are still players apparently being screwed and treated with the old silent arrogance.
I can't say i have the right to complain since i never won GRAND. But i think they are excellent. And why shouldn't they be, they are probably on the top ten if i remember correctly.

What's the connection with Playtech and OPA?
"What's the connection with Playtech and OPA?"

The OPA portal is basically a Playtech "showplace". Like a Buick dealer.

And the guy who runs the site is "goofy".

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