Golden Palace - Halloween bonus (or NOT ??)


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May 11, 2006
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geeeez, and that was in 2000 and they haven't been able to be approved again? In some of my 'rogue affiliate' research I see Golden Casino (MG version of same company?) listed in a lot of top tens. (I forget the thread was GP, just assumed it was same operation, could be wrong here)
I could be wrong, but I think Golden Casino is Golden Palace's US-friendly offshoot. Golden Palace uses Playtech software which put the US players under the guillotine; I think they created Golden Casino using Odds On software so that they could keep some US players.

I could be way off. I just investigated a little bit but couldn't find anything to confirm this.


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Jan 18, 2007
Yeah, prolly odds on, sorry. Never downloaded it, never will.


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Mar 9, 2006
What likely happened here:

The marketing department carpetbombed the whole player database with the promotion mail. The security department previously flagged some accounts of the player database, but never sent you an email about that. So when you deposited, theoretically (from the customer service's point of view) they gave you the bonus, but it was never showing up on your account because of the security department. Finally they were able to find out that you're bonus-banned (or got bonus-banned when you deposited for this promotion), and sent you the email.

At GP you get bonus-banned very fast if you only play with promotions. It doesn't matter what games do you play and win or lose. They consider revising your status if you deposit and play without bonuses. See my case about GP in the below thread: