Golden Palace Group of Casinos Drop US Players!!!


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Oct 28, 2004
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Guys this comes as a major shock to the affiliate sector, I wasnt sure if Players were aware of this news regarding the Golden Palace Group of Casinos and the brands handled under their All Star Affiliates Brands:

Please see:

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I am absolutely floored by this as I called Golden Palace this morning and specifically asked what wasnt told any of this was happening!!!!
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Casinos Effected include

Golden Palace
Online Vegas
Only Bingo
Go Casino
Grand Riviera
Merlin's Magic
Star Online Casino
The Six Shooter
Top Card Casino
Triple Win

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I received that email today as well. However, Golden Palace tells me that both Golden Palace and Online Casino still accept US players. I am from the US and able to use my Golden Palace account. The support rep I spoke with this evening said that Golden Palace does not plan to drop US players for now, like some of the others in the group. Several other Casino Blasters casinos redirect to the new Golden Casino and have done so for at least this week.
Hedging their bets?

After reading this thread and aka23's comments it looks to me as if Golden Palace is hedging its bets.

They may be laying the groundwork for a change of US players to this new Golden Casino venue, whilst keeping Golden Palace operating for US play but poised to switch US players over at short notice or as a transitional measure.

But why in God's name did they choose Odds On software? And is it really Odds On, or the more recent iteration Vegas Technology????

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