Golden Palace and the Pope-Mobile

What is Golden Palace doing with this weird stuff they are buying?? do they have a progressive slot with "popes car" as a prize????

just wondering, best luck to all. Flavio.
I reckon there's a decent chance it's all made up.

What if all these crazy things they are apparently buying are actually put up for sale by a Golden Palace employee on e-bay without actually having the goods? They then use shill bidders to up the price giving them massive publicity whilst only costing them the e-bay fees. Don't think e-bay would mind, afterall it's giving them publicity also AND they still receive the fees.

Don't know if it's entirely possible, but if it is it's fantastic publicity for a small price. This story even made it onto my local radio station (Leeds, UK) who even mentioned GP.
The un-funny actions of a casino group with an un-funny history of grand-scale robbery.

This is what they said to a player they stole $7000 from years ago, when he proposed they gave him another shot at gambling through his already-won winnings rather than flat out robbing him:

"Dear Mr XXXX

I have looked over your accounts and your proposal. The first point that I would like to bring up is regarding your proposal. Mr XXXX I have one question for you: Haven't we paid you enough already? I mean seriously we have been more than generous by offering these promo's we have paid you thousands of dollars already. Rather than being content you choose to try and argue for something that is really not yours. You call yourself a gambler well you certainly did not prove that to me. We
have actually taken a decision to lock you out and ban you from our casino and we will suggest that our competitors do the same. You are obviously not content with the thousands of dollars in promo monies you've received, it does not seem to be enough for you to promote us already. So in answer to your proposal I will sum it up by saying "thanks but no thanks" I have done something even better.

Just to show that it is not about the money I have taken the promo monies retrieved from your account and sent it to the IGC for them to donate it to a charitable cause of their choice, you see Mr XXXX it is not about the money but the principle.


Mark Francis
Credit Manager"

Remember that one, Bryan?

Good ole' Golden Palace, who we all love to hate. Loveable, charitable rascals.

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