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golden lounge casino -vorsicht,betrug!!!

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by tigerkatze113, Nov 25, 2009.

    Nov 25, 2009
  1. tigerkatze113

    tigerkatze113 Dormant account

    :mad:hallo! ich spiele in ca. 200 casinos.einmal dort einmal da.man kann sich dadurch nicht merken wo berall schon gespielt hat.in letzter zeit wurde ich mit den Menschen vom promosionmails golden Lounge Casino bombatiert.habe dort ein Konto erffnet und eine Einzahlung nach der Anderen vorgenommen gesamt 1450euro.habe dann einen gewinn von 4500euro erzielt und nun verweigert man mir die auszahlung weil ich in diesem Casino bereits davor vor Lngerer zeit 2 Konten erffnet habe und mich daran nicht mehr erinnern konnte.ich habe bei meinen zu letzt erffneten Konto vor jeder einzahlung mit dem Support geschrieben.dort hat man mir komischerweise nichts gesagt das ich bereits ein Konto habe und mich einzahlen und einzahlen und einzahlen lassen.und als ich die erste Auszahlung beantragt habe hat man sofort alle Konten gesperrt und die Auszahlung einbehalten.ich habe mich danach ein Kawanake gewandt und die haben nachgeforscht das ich auf den kontos davor nicht einmal gespielt habe.also liegt hier meinerseits kein promosionsmissbrauch vor.meiner meinung ist die Handlungsweise vom Casino Unterschlagung einer auszahung und betrug.ich kann hier nur alle warnen in das golden Lounge Casino etwas einzuzahlen denn ich kenne auch etliche andere spieler in Wien und die hatten auch hnliche und andere Probleme mit diesem Casino! dieses Casino gehrt auf die schwarze Liste Weil es alle Anderen Microgaming Casinos die fair arbeiten in veruf bringt!
    hier noch eine vorgeschichte die vor dieser nichtbezahlten auszahlung passiert ist und meine einzahlungen im detail.habe von golden Lounge stndig mailwerbungen bekommen und habe mich dann halt angemeldet.bei der installierung der Software hat Weder die Casinosoftware noch der Untersttzung bei der ersten einzahlung wurde mir gesagt das ich schon dort registriert bin.habe 200 und 550 Euro einbezahlt die gleich verloren gingen.dann kam die Mail mit dem Bonus-Angebot keine Grenzen gesetzt und ich habe nochmal 500 einbezahlt.und jetzt kommts.bin mit diesem geld plus bonus dann auf 7400euro gekommen.bonus Krieg bereits freigespielt ich hatte eine Auszahlung beantragt und. aber anstatt wie blich in allen microgmingcasinos das geld nach 24stunden aus dem whitdrawel zu nehmen hat man es stehen lassen, so das ich dann am 2. und 3. Tag kleinweise das geld zurckgenommen habe bis ich wieder auf null war.jetzt pltzlich kommt vom Casino eine mail DAS MEIN KONTO GEPRFT WURDE UND ICH JETZT MEINE Auszahlung MACHEN KANN.. aber gut ist meine schuld wenn ich wieder alles runterspiele aber WIE IST ES MGLICH WENN MEIN KONTO GEPRFT WURDE DAS MAN NICHT SCHON BEI DER ERST BEANTRAGTEN Auszahlung festgestellt hat das NICHT NUR ICH HABE EIN KONTO? habe dann kurz darauf eine Mail bekommen das ich 100% matchbonus einen bis 200bekomme nochmal eingezahlt dann auf 4500euro gekommen das geld stehen wieder 3 Tage im whitdrawel und diesmal habe ich es nicht zurckgenommen und pltzlich kommt der Mensch das ich drauf habe 3 Konten schliesst alle Konten und verweigert die auszahlung.das doch raubrittermethoden und betrug.wenn ich den 2. gewinn auch runtergespielt htte htte ich vielleicht noch weiter eingezahlt vielleicht sogar kleineise10000 und sind htte aber nie einen Gewinn ausbezahlt bekommen.also kann es nur 2 mglichkeiten geben.das Casino anerkennt meine einzahlung und spiele und muss mir den vollen gewinn von 4500 auszahlen oder es anulliert Alle Spiele konto und verluste und dann muss ich zumindest meine einzahlung von gesamt 1450euro zurckbekommen.aber so wie das Casino das mit mir macht ist meiner meinung schwerer betrug.
  2. Nov 26, 2009
  3. eu_lowroller

    eu_lowroller Non-Gambler

    Call Center Agent
    Mal abgesehen davon, dass alles in einer Wurscht geschrieben wurde und es somit sowieso niemand (mich eingeschlossen!) ganz lesen wird, ist dies hier ein englisches Forum.

    So please write in english, thanks ;)
  4. Nov 26, 2009
  5. rockycatt

    rockycatt meistercatt


    ! I play in about 200 casinos.einmal there da.man can not remember where this one is played everywhere hat.in last time I was with people from the promo tion allowed Golden Lounge Casino bombatiert.habe opened an account there and make a deposit after then made another all-1450euro.habe a profit of 4500euro and now they will not give me the disbursement because I have opened this casino even before some time ago 2 accounts and not remember it konnte.ich have in my account, just opened at last geschrieben.dort einzahlung with the support of each one has told me anything that I strangely already have an account and pay and pay and pay lassen.und me when I requested the first payment comes immediately blocked all accounts and payments have einbehalten.ich I then turned one Kanawake and I have been investigating on the earlier kontos habe.also not even played here is not a promo for my opinion, the Commission vor.meiner abusive conduct by the casino diversion of disbursements and betrug.ich can only warn all in the golden Lounge Casino paid anything because I also know several other players in Vienna, which also had similar and other problems with this casino! this casino belongs on the blacklist Because everyone else Microgaming casinos is fair to work in vocation brings!
    here is an historial that happened before this unpaid disbursement and receipts always get my mail advertising in detail.habe from golden lounge and then had me stop angemeldet.bei has installed the software, neither the casino software is still support for the first payment I was told I been there bin.habe 200 and 550 euros registered gingen.dann paid the same set was lost the mail with the bonus offer no boundaries and I have kommts.bin again 500 einbezahlt.und now with this money plus bonus then 7400euro gekommen.bonus war was already unlocked and I had requested a payout. But instead of the usual take in all the money microgmingcasinos after 24hr whitdrawel from the one has to leave it, which I then on 2 and 3 Small as the day had withdrawn money until I war.jetzt to zero suddenly comes from the casino a mail THE MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN TESTED AND NOW I CAN MAKE MY payout .. But my gut when I get to blame everything but runterspiele HOW IS IT POSSIBLE IF found CONSIDER MY ACCOUNT WAS THE MAN DOES NOT KNOW WHEN ASKED ONLY payment has NOT ONLY I HAVE AN ACCOUNT? I will shortly get a mail that I 100% match bonus one to 200bekomme again paid the monetary 4500euro then turned to 3 days in whitdrawel are back and this time I had not discontinued it, and suddenly there is a man that I have 3 accounts on it closes all the accounts and refuses to auszahlung.das but robber barons methods and I betrug.wenn 2, would also gain runtergespielt I might have even paid more and are perhaps even kleineise10000 but had never paid a profit bekommen.also it can only 2 possibilities geben.das casino einzahlung and recognize my play and I must pay the full income of 4500 or it anulliert All games and loss account, and then at least I have my einzahlung of total 1450euro zurckbekommen.aber as the casino that makes me, in my opinion was more difficult.

    Contribute a better translation
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  6. Nov 26, 2009
  7. Jasminebed

    Jasminebed Closer to 100 than Birth

    Not in workforce
    Recently, maxd issued a warning about Golden Lounge Casino. http://www.casinomeister.com/forums/casinomeister-warnings/29356-golden-lounge-confiscations-unresponsive-cs.html

    Does not look like you can find much help with these theives. Please try to have someone help you post in English. There are ways to complain other than Casinomeister to other regulatory bodies and MG itself.

    But if you do in fact have more than one account, all you may be entitled to is a return of your deposit.

    I wish you well, and again, please try to get some help with English if you want help in this English speaking forum.
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  8. Nov 26, 2009
  9. coxwel

    coxwel Senior Member PABnononaccred MM

    hi tigerkatze,

    i write in english here. ;) as you already posted in the german kasinoforum and found help there maybe wait what is done for you there. you were advised to file a pab if no solution can be found.

    you can do this here, if you havent already found the option feel free to ask.

    if you have filed a pab once you should stop posting in threads about it.
    its recommend that you read the pab faq, if you havent already.. most of your questions should be answered afterwards..

    if you need help with the language youll find assistance ;-)

    but as you already know goldenlounge is a well-known one here, so i wish you the best of luck to get at least your deposit out again.


  10. Nov 26, 2009
  11. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    As mentioned Golden Lounge has been the subject of a Casinomeister Warning: Golden Lounge: confiscations, unresponsive CS.

    However, since it hasn't made it to the Rogue Pit or "No Can Do" List yet I will accept a PAB if you file it.

    That said you should know that the chances of getting anything out of them are pretty slim, as indicated in the Warning.
  12. Nov 28, 2009
  13. tigerkatze113

    tigerkatze113 Dormant account

    golden lounge casino is a fraud!!

    i play in about 200 different online casinos and was recently sent
    emails from goldenlounge with promotional offers. i opened an account
    and made several deposits (alltogther 1450euros). unfortunately i didnt
    remember at that time that i already have 2 accounts registered with
    golden lounge. as i was chatting with the support they didnt warn me
    about my numerous accounts and let me deposit further. as i innitiated a
    withdrawal it was declined and all accounts got locked. i filed a
    dispute at Kawanake, they told me that i didnt even made deposits or
    played bonusses on my two old accounts, so in my opinion theres no case
    of promotional abuse. everybody should be warned about this casino!!

    here some details about why i aint getting paid: i got the promo email
    and downloaded the casino. i registered a new account and wasnt warned
    by the software or support that i already had accounts registered. so i
    deposited 200 and another 500 which i lost. afterwards i got an
    from them offering me a nolimit bonus so i deposited another 500. i
    managed to get it to 7400. the playthrough was cleared, so i put in a
    withdrawal. unlike other micogaming casinos golden lounge holded the
    amount in pending still after 2-3 days. unfortunately i reversed part
    after part until i lost it all again ;-(. the strange thing was after i
    zeroed out again i received an email from goldenlounge telling me my
    account has been checked and approved and i could request a withdrawal
    now ;-). i got another 100% match bonus up to 200 and deposited another
    200. made it up to 4500. this time i didnt touch my withdrawal request
    and after the 3rd day of pending i got an email telling me thyt i have 3
    accounts and they all got locked. they confiscated my winnings and my
    deposit. in my opinion they should have told me this already after my
    first withdrawal request. they should either pay me my full 4500
    withdrawal or at least return the deposits of togther 1450. this is a
    scam if you ask me.

  14. Nov 28, 2009
  15. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    This behaviour shows why they got the warning. Granted, you shouldn't have registered all three accounts, BUT they seemed happy to string you along for some while whilst you were losing, even when you supposedly had your account approved for withdrawals, but for the fact you reversed and lost it. Only when you held your nerve and let a withdrawal go ahead did they find these other accounts.
    They should certainly return the deposits, even though they have grounds to confiscate winnings under their terms, despite the immorality they displayed by keeping quiet about this violation whilst you were depositing and losing.

    In part, Golden Lounge bring this on themselves, because they SPAM SO MUCH!

    YOU should also implement a procedure yourself. No way can you expect to remember the details of 200 casino accounts, so you should keep a simple table of them, so that when you feel like opening a new account somewhere, you can first check that you don't have dormant account at the same casino.

    I have kept a record of all casino accounts I have ever opened in MS Works, and this not only allows me to check for existing accounts, but gives me a record of my account numbers too, along with some other basic details such as the group, software, and any oddities under "notes".

    MGS software should remember existing accounts, even after the casino has been uninatalled, but this information is held locally, so this feature does NOT protect the player if they are using a different PC, or have reinstalled the OS.
  16. Nov 28, 2009
  17. De Beuker

    De Beuker Senior Member

    I don't think you will ever receive your winnings, but they should return your deposits.

    About the MG software, I have formatted and re-installed my OS 3 weeks ago, and now I'm slowly downloading and re-installing the casino's, and to my surprise, each time I download a MG casino I get the mssg :
    "You already have an account with us. Please use your existing userdetails to login"

    Very nice, so trouble like this should not happen again in the future.
    I think it recognizes the IP adress now.
  18. Dec 7, 2009
  19. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    Interesting, this used ONLY to be stored locally, and reformatting would clear the entries.

    There is a potential problem though, what if the system gets it WRONG, and identifies someone ELSE'S account as your own, and populates YOUR registry with THEIR account details.

    I CANNOT see any way they can SECURELY operate such a system that determines your account status BEFORE you enter ANY of your personal information.

    I have been seeing this recently, but on my NEW PC!!!! Yet these accounts were created on my OLD PC. It may be that they are getting the information required from MGS casinos currently installed, and cross-referencing this centrally to allow retrieval of ALL MG accounts issued in the same name. This, however, would NOT explain the ability to recognise the FIRST MG casino installed after a complete reformat and OS reinstall.

    IP address is not reliable, since they can change, and be reallocated to other people in your area. The MAC address on a PC isn't safe either, as you might wipe EVERYTHING on the drive before selling it, but the new owner would STILL have access to your MGS casino account usernames. It would be even MORE dangerous if the PASSWORD were also retrieved and stored after an OS reinstall.

    The reasons for MGS developing this are clear though, fraudsters will find it MUCH harder to create a string of multiple accounts, and GENUINE players will be far less likely to mistakenly create an additional account.

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