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Golden Comps finds a new reason not to pay.

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints -- Archive through Dec 2001' started by sbgc, Jul 20, 2001.

    Jul 20, 2001
  1. sbgc

    sbgc Guest

    They owe me a sizable chuck of money. They closed my account for gross security violations. The main violation is the fact that there has been action at 2 different casinos at the same time from different ISP addresses. Yes, you cannot be playing at one casino while your wife plays at a different casino on another computer if both of the accounts are in your name.
  2. Aug 17, 2001
  3. sbgc

    sbgc Guest

    Here's an update on the Golden Comps situation.

    They claim that I was playing at 2 casinos at the same time on 2 different computers and that both accounts were in my name. This is true as quite often both me and my wife play at the same time. It is a violation of their rules for anybody but the account holder to play on an account, even with permission from the account holder. Since there was play at 2 sites at the same time, one of them couldn't be me.

    The truth of the matter is no one but me has played on the Golden Comps account but that doesn't seem to matter, they're not paying. They cannot prove that anyone but me played on the account.

    They said that they would abide by the ruling of the OPA. The OPA ruled in my favor. Steve talked to the manager, Paul Jergins and the indication was that they were going to pay. After a couple of weeks without seeing any money, Steve again contacted Jergins and was told that they are not going to pay.

    Jergins has never mentioned what other casino is involved. He never even mentioned if Golden Comps was one of the casinos. Most of the RTG casinos have a rule saying that the account holder is responsible for the protection of the account information and the casino is not liable if someone else plays on the account. This is a necessary rule to protect the casino from someone using this excuse to try to get losses back. But why does Golden Comps have a rule saying that no one else can play no matter what? Kind of dumb if you ask me because it discourages authorized play. I can think of only one reason to have the no other player rule, and that is to have a way to screw players. It seems the Jergins has gone to much trouble to find a reason not to pay.

    If this rule is broken by someone else playing with permission from the account holder, Golden Comps is treating this like a class 1 felony. Should it void all winnings on the account even though the winnings were actually won by the account holder? Do you get a parking ticket everytime because you got one in the past, and then get 20 to life for the ticket? In this case, there is no proof that I parked illegally.

    What business is it of Golden Comps what was going on at another casino especially since the play at the other site was within the rules?

    So, if you have had your spouse or anyone else besides you, the account holder play at Golden Comps, you have committed, in Jergins own words, a gross security violation. You should inform the casino of this and demand a refund of your losses. This of course won't work as they won't refund loses when a rule is broken, they only keep the winnings. Isn't it nice to have it both ways?
  4. Aug 17, 2001
  5. steve

    steve Guest

    Yeah they were going to abide by the OPA ruling until it went against them.



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