Golden comps down!!!


Dormant account
Aug 9, 2001
I went to check on my withdraw ($40 nothing big) from golden comps and it is down! and the email is bouncing!! And I started with $75 so I'm takin a loss on this! All I want is the $40 back to my firepay! Argh!

btw I have had susccessful transactions with all 5 fortune lounge casinos and illustrated.. my first internet casino problem!
Looks like Atlantic Interbet is having another internal audit seems they are having problems with fraudulent cheques AGAIN. What I don't understand is why established players are caught up in this. Months go by before AIB pays out withdrawls. Last time they had this PROBLEM some players waited over fourZeddicus months for a cheque.
The big question seems to be are they SOLVENT.
Ok well as of today the site is up, so I got their 1-866 number... email still bounces!!! I guess I'm glad I didn't win money or that would be more of a problem!
Well the email is up, and the site is up, and they responded... I guess it was just a little bump... still, makes ya wonder...

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