Deanna Elnaboulsi

I have been ripped off by Golden Comp Casino for $100 and would like to know if anyone else had the same experience. They gave me a bonus of $100 for my initial deposit and took $200 in a matter of minutes with no play whatsoever! It is computer generated and the dealer always wins in every game! You might as well just rip up your money and throw it out the window.
Sounds like you had a bad streak. Myself and many others have won there. The games are more then fair. So I wouldn't say what happend to you was being ripped off, but merely bad luck.
I won the first time and had a bad run of cards my 2nd time playing. Computer play will make the player wonder if their dealing a legit game.

The dealer did pull an enormous amount of BJ's on me, but bad runs happen. It just feels different on a computer than at a table.

Best of luck

Yeah, they take 2+ weeks just to recredit your card and charge you a 30 dollar check fee every withdrawal.

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