Golden Cherry Casino - Processing overwhelmed?


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Sep 6, 2009
Sorry for the delay but processing is overwhelmed. This is what I was told by support when asking about my withdraw made April 5th. Are you kidding me? Is there so many winners that the processing department can't keep up. Now I am told that processing is undergoing upgrades. Really? If either of these were true why then wasn't I told that to begin with. You would think to avoid the backlash the casino would make some kind of blanket statement regarding upgrades to their processing department. I find it ridiculous that this casino is not even living up to it's own terms my processing took nine (9) days not 2-4 days. Now it is 11 days not counting weekends since the April 17th and still no money. Today I am told it should be there by next week. In chat I lost my cool a bit and told them in caps I wanted my money today. I also requested a phone number but told there was no number to give me. I find this hard to believe since a number of times I have been called by this casino to put my deposit through. I like to think I am a patient person but this has gone a bit beyond.
I feel helpless and am wondering if there are any suggestions on how to motivate the casino to pay me my winnings.


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Mar 23, 2005
You just need patience, a lot of US casinos are playing these games these days hoping that you play the $$ back..

You'll get paid just takes some time,

Heres a tip, uninstall the casino till you get paid

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