Golden Beauty from Pragmatic


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Oct 13, 2019
New Zealand
The first time I played this game I had a smallish collect - like about $10 from playing 25c a spin - from my 1st 10 spin cycle. Have gone off it since because you can't quit the game to restart it with a new 10 spin cycle. Seems silly to continue with a cycle if the 1st 5 spins don't yield any wild squares.
Is there a way to clear my play history so that when I close the game and return to it later that the 10 cycle counter will be reset to zero? I cleared cookies but looks like I need to do something else. Edit. Probably not. I checked on another computer and the counter was at 3 of 10 just like it was on the computer I actually played on. It's a bit off-putting the way they keep track of everything you do.
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I finished my uncompleted round from yesterday - it ended as badly as it started. Just to punish myself I played a couple more rounds - both started badly - both finished badly. The first game I played a couple of days ago and which I won a little bit on - started well and finished well.

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