goldcirclecasino??? do any one know about them

They sponsor a well known English rugby team - Wasps or someone which is always a good sign. They use RTG i think - but last time i looked when you load the casino, the Promotions page came up 404 Error and the link to redeem comp points also - which is a bit unprofessional. May have fixed it now but that happened for weeks. There is no Players club/cash-back there and when i measured the VP odds, they were just average. But the s/ware seems to run ok. never cashed out though so cant vouch for the banking.

You wont find many links/recommendations for them, maybe because they are new, but also maybe cos they have no affiliate program that i could see.
RTG does have Double Double Bonus VP though which is a fun game :)

Hope that helps a little.

Gold Circle Casino

Hi guys,

I see that one of you had a question about Gold Circle Casino. I am the Operations manager for the group (Leopard Rock) and would like to apologize for any inconvenience that anyone has suffered at Gold Circle casino. We have has some issues with our website before, but we have fixed them and are happy to say that we offer Gold Circle now in Dollar, Pound and Euro.

We do have an affiliate program, but it is not under our site as yet. Our affiliate company is and the dollar and euro currencies will be added soon.

Operations Department.
Hi Wassie

The "Promotions" link is fixed in the new version (Pound version) but the "Redeem Comps" button in the cashier comes up 404 still (trys to load Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) which doesnt exist).

Any other changes in the new version that auto-downloaded other than the lobby?

Cheers for the Affiliate links btw. Wondered where they were :)


PS...Its "London Irish" rugby team they sponsor, not Wasps ... apologies
Gold Circle Casino

Hi Simmo,

Yes, we are aware of the 404 page error that we are getting. We are currently redoing our Rewards Program where we will have a 4 level reward system. Players will start on the base level, which will be Bronze Circle and move their way up to Gold Circle level. Each level will offer different promotions and points structures. We have added an additional payment method in our cashier called "Comp Points to Cash" and that is where the players can redeem their points. The button in the cashier is going to point to the page as mentioned above, and from there players will also be able to see how to redeem points which will include illistrations.

As I mentioned previously we offer an affiliate program, and affiliates can access this site by selecting the "Webmaster" link on the navigation bar on each of our currencies.

We do apologize for the inconvenience. We thank you for pointing these issues out.

Operations Department
Hmmm, we can't play BJ or video pokers for the promotion. That's almost all the games I'd like to play.
Can we play other 21 games (like pontoon or c21) for the promotion?
wassie said:
We have added an additional payment method in our cashier called "Comp Points to Cash" and that is where the players can redeem their points.

Cant see that anywhere Wassie - is it waiting to be added or does it only appear after you reach a threshold of comp points?
Although I received a full refund as requested, I wasn't impressed with the shilly-shallying behaviour of this casino when I played there. They downgraded the video poker I was playing by 1000% (one thousand percent, JOB 6/9 to 5/6) literally OVERNIGHT and they had a "VP counts 1/4" clause hidden DEEP down a seemingly irrelevant and dry " T & C" page and NO link was provided on the main promo page.

Standard dirty RTG tricks.
Regarding Issues

Dear Caruso,
We do apologize if you feel that our service was not up to standard. It is feed back like this that helps us strive to better ourselves. I would love for you to contact me via email or Live Person so that we can attend to your bad experience with us. We believe that all our players are VIP players, and if you do not get the service you deserve, we will be happy to attend to it. You can reach me at

Dear Simmo,
I have had our support ensure that the method is available. Please have a look for me, the method is under "deposit" in our cashier. It is marked "Comp points to Cash". It should be available now. Please can you confirm from your side.

Dear hhcfreebie,
we do have VP and BJ as excluded games on our sign up promotions. This is largely due to some promotion hunters that did not take the bonus in the fairness it is intended. However, we only have excluded games on bonuses above 15%. This means that all games count toward wager requirements on bonuses 15% or lower. As you may not be aware, we offer a 15% ongoing purchase bonus on all purchases made on Neteller and PrePaid ATM. All games counts toward play through for this bonus.

Operations Manager
wassie said:
Dear Simmo,
I have had our support ensure that the method is available. Please have a look for me, the method is under "deposit" in our cashier. It is marked "Comp points to Cash". It should be available now. Please can you confirm from your side.

Ah yes indeed today it appears :) Just one small anomaly i think - in the info box it says the minimum points that can be cashed is 1500. Next to the "amount" box it says the minimum is 1500. Is one point really worth a pound?


Rewards Points

Dear Simmo,

We do not have an option at this stage to remove the symbol from this method. Every 150 Points represent 1 and we encourage players to redeem at 1,500 points which is 10. I hope this clear up any misunderstanding.

Operations Department
You may have read the thread in this forum entitled "RTG Casinos". What do you say regarding the fact that the RTG software has changed for the worse? Many players who noted in the past that RTG gameplay was fair have now come to agree with me that in the past month since the software changes took place that the Blackjack gameplay is just not right. I would like a statement from the manager of Gold Circle since your casino is one that I have been playing to test this assumption, and just like all the other RTG casinos I have the same experience at Gold Circle; impossible hands, multiple dealer Blackjacks in a row, high pushes for dealer, no dealer busts, numerous player busts. It's just not the same, and it is not right. Players are not stupid and we notice these things immediately. I am very disappointed, I was such a defender of RTG casinos and had nothing but good things to say about the software. If this has happened I would suggest to you and all other RTG's to go back to the previous software version. Business for RTG's was only on its way up due to the fact that only positive things were being posted, and as long as the casino paid on time with no problems playerss were very happy with the fairness of the games. This is going to be a big blow to RTG casinos, and you will all feel it. I must note that this is only an assumption based on my gameplay, and is not fact, but after posting the experience I have had and having many other players agree with the exact same patterns and timeframe is not merely coincidence.
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Regarding Blackjack

Dear Black21Jack,

Your comments are noted regarding the Blackjack. At this stage I cannot comment on this as I need to get RTG involved. However, it does concern me that players are not happy with the payout ration regarding Blackjack and I will get in contact with RTG to post a reply regarding this issue.

I hope this is satisfactory until I can get RTG to post the reply.

Operations Department.

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