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First they messed up a cashout, in which $1000 of my money was unaccounted for. They ignored all my e-mail. Then after I tried to make another huge cashout, they locked my account, and canceled the cashout. They continue to ignore my e-mails. Their parter in crime, aside from being extremely incompetent, and slow, has now also locked my account, cheating me out of more money. In all, I'm owed over $5000.
I have done nothing against the rules, and I'm getting real frustrated by my lack of ability to persue this legally.
WOW, trusting a 1000$ deposit in that casino is a bold move. Probably should do some research into a casino before playing. As far as this money goes unfortunately it'll be a tough battle to get it back.
Bonus Withdraw Requirements.

In order to be able to withdraw your deposit bonus you must:

Wait 7 days after signup before making a withdraw.
You will be wagering with your deposited money first before you wager with your bonus money. You must wager the ACTUAL bonus money dollar for dollar at least 1 time. Wagering a total of your deposit and bonus or a multiple of your deposit does not meet this requirement.
For example:

$50.00 deposit earns a $25.00 bonus, you have a total of $75.00.
Place a $75.00 wager and win and you can withdraw $150.00 on the 8th day after your initial deposit. Most members play smaller amounts and the bonus is gradually converted to cash as they win and lose.
If you make your first withdraw before the end of 7th day after signup to the Casino, you will forfeit all bonus deposits.
After 7 days you can withdraw the available amount and then wager with just the bonus.
No Wonder Goldbetting don't pay. This has to be the looses casino on the net. Go check it out for yourself people. (Play the Play Money Version) You will win nearly all the hands and games you play. Makes me wonder what type of random generator they are using. And What type the rest are using. And if thats the case. Which ones gives you the closes effect of lives gaming odds. If you think Goldbetting is loose. Then they all are fixed via their random generators...Any comments???
After reading the previous post from Murder1, I can see that the terms and conditions as set forth by the Casinos are getting more and more absurd.

They must stay up at night intentionally dreaming up ways to make things difficult, yet they are the first to cry when there own terms and conditions turns around and bites them in the rear. Have a good one.

You didn't read the last part of the t&c:

In addition, you can only withdraw from your account on even number days during the waxing moon in months containing a W in their name. However, if there are any vowels in the month then your winnings and deposit will be forfeited if you attempt to withdraw. Also, any whining on message boards about these terms & conditions during months who's names do contain vowels will also cause your deposit & winnings to be forfeited in the interests of fair gaming.

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