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Mar 31, 2007
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First of all I'm not bashing the casino just trying to understand what is going on. I like Rival powered casinos and they have been good to me. Therefore, when I found "Gold Rock" I thought I would give them a try. I understand they switched from Wizard Gaming to Rival January 25th but I think they are having some issues. The format is the same as all Rival's...if you want to take a bonus you claim and then deposit. Pretty straightforward. If you grind out the playthrough (3K) in this case you submit your withdrawal. Which I did on February 4th (I also emailed my docs the 3rd or 4th). It isn't that much but I had it to $600 and then went down to $300 and decided to try and cashout. This is where it gets interesting. Monday, the 9th I get an email (after several emails asking if they ever got my emailed docs) that my docs were approved. O.K. normally once that happens the $$ are transferred and it's a done deal. Tuesday, no money, (but withdrawal is approved), Wednesday no money, and yes I have emailed a bunch and have chat transcripts), Thursday, "you should have your money today", that was in the morning. 10 hours later via chat "today is only 24 hours maybe tomorrow). Friday (today) no money. Just curious if anyone else has tried these people, cashed out and actually got paid. Oh, and support hasn't answered an email in 3 days and today "live Chat" is closed:confused:

There are two other people on another forum also waiting for payment. Seems like it's been several weeks in their case. Both are from US I think but there was a nonUS player that got paid with a few days. Interesting. :confused:

Wish I could offer some kind of help.
This Rival doesnt have the "Scary" slots. Anyone knows why?

I will check on this Chu, I didn't realize that they had removed them until I just now read your post here since they did have them on Jan 28th.....
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FYI the other people I taked about waiting for payment got paid today. Check and see. Maybe you will get lucky. :D Hope so.
I cannot access their website (tried from KKs site). Is it just me?
Website is OK but payment isnt lol. Docs were approved on Wednesday so the money should be sent to my ecocard account within 1 business day. Nothing as yet.

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