Gold Rally bonus round shorted me $2460 at 32Vegas


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Aug 22, 2006
Saltspring Is., BC, Canada
Last Sunday, August 20th, I was playing Gold Rally at 32Vegas and hit the bonus round. I don't recall how many times I chose off the map, but I did notice the amount credited to my account once I returned to the game screen was $160 less than it should have been. I talked to support and they told me to send an email including the game codes. Before I had done that, I hit the bonus round again. This time I got to choose off the map seven times and I had my digital camera ready and took a picture of every amount I won. The total was $2720. Once I was returned to the game screen my account was credited with only $880. This discrepancy I couldn't believe. I immediately went to work copying the game codes, times, writing support an email, and attaching the photos I took whose properties include the corresponding date and times to within seconds of the game codes. Shortly after that I hit the bonus round again, which by this time I didn't even want to hit, and was shorted $360. I sent the first email numerous times. Every time I phoned in they were unable to find the email. After there tech department checked it out, I got an email saying they found no problem with the payout or the game history. I guess the pictures I took may not be the best evidence, but they could have made some mention of them, and at least said why they were disregarding them. Is there anything that can be done about this? Has anyone heard of a problem with the gold rally bonus round before? -D:mad:
First, your numbers are off. It comes out to $2360, not $2460 :p

One would think if the pictures were authenticated, you may have a case; depending on the clarity, etc....

Just have to ask, why didn't you take a screenshot?


Why in the world did you keep playing? I think 99% of people wouldn't make one more spin on a game that just shorted them $160.....but to keep playing even after it shorted you a second time? For $1840 more?

I think you better settle for what you actually recieved from the bonus rounds. The casino could clearly come back and say it was a "malfunction" and take back the winnings and return the bets for your spins.

edit: If you do a search of the forums, you'll see 32vegas doesn't have the best rep. People have problems with them quite a they can't even think of an original name, which is a ripoff of the well respected 32Red.
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Thanks for the reply. I don't know how to take a screenshot. As for why I kept playing, I thought it was an error of some kind that the casino would correct the way any reputable business would. Naive, yes. I had no knowledge of the casino's reputation. I had also already won close to $3000 on an $80 deposit and felt like I was on a roll. I guess you may be right and I'll have to eat the loss, but I can't stand dishonest business practices and I'd love to nail them. -D
I guess you may be right and I'll have to eat the loss, but I can't stand dishonest business practices and I'd love to nail them. -D

I'd still PAB with Bryan and get his opinion on it, he has more experience than me with it and may be able to help you actually get that money. It doesn't really seem like they're going to change their minds about the decision.
PAB means Pitch a Bitch. Bryan is the casinomeister of this forum and you can find all the stuff about him in the main page. Normally, Bryan prefers you to contact the casino rep who is listed in the Casino Contacts section above first before things get nasty. If this doesnt bring in any results you can try the Playtech Disputes Team and then only to the casinomeister if these approaches have failed. All this info can be located at the initial thread in the Complaints Section.

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