Gold Key Casino does not allow withdraw of winnings to Neteller


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Dec 10, 2004
I won here and tried to withdraw to Neteller. After several witdrawals which I received in a reasonable time they cancelled the withdrawal request.

I contacted them (live support, I have the chat stored here) and they told me that I did not send them the requested documents.

Well, they did not request, but it is defined on their website that withdrawals above a certain amount need the ID sent in.

Fair enough (although they could have asked me to send in the papers) I did what they want and did the withdrawal again.

Again it was declined after a few days. Support told me that I can get this money only by cheque. I discussed with support but the only thing they could do was telling me to contact banking about it (by email).

I wrote to banking, telling them that this is not according to the rules on their website and that a cheque will cost me a lot of money (I am in europe). The answer was simple:

"At the moment we are unable to transfer any funds back to NETeller
accounts above the amount what's been deposited by that method. As for
your account, the equal amount to your deposits has already been
withdrawn and credited back to your NETeller account. So now the only
way we can process your transaction is a regular mail withdrawal that
we have request for you on your behalf."

Their website only says that I cannot use Neteller to withdraw money if I have not deposited money from Neteller before.

What should I do? Cash out to cheque and lose money? Or does anybody see another possibility to get my money back to my neteller account?

Anyway be warned.
Hi wernerw,

Since this is an RTG casino, contact Montana Disputes section here:
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Also, ask the casino (politely of course) to explain to you the reasoning behind their decision to send a check. Possibly, you are a player that is considered "undesirable" or problematic. Contact their support and invite them to read or participate in the thread.
Now finally the journey has come to an end.

Following the advice of casinomeister I first wrote them, explaining again why a cheque is not wanted.

Then they wrote me that of course I can withdraw by Neteller, all I have to do is to send in ID (which I did before). So I did it, did the withdrawal again which was declined again. Mails going back and forth and they did not give me any explanation of why they do not allow the withdrawal to Neteller.

Then I opened a case with Montana and a little later Montana wrote me that they will allow me to withdraw to Neteller.

Finally today the money arrived in my Neteller account.

Funny enough at the same time I received an email that the withdrawal to Neteller was declined. About an hour ago I received the confirmation that Neteller withdrawal is processed.

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