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Jun 17, 2003
Has anyone had problems with Gold Club Casino? I checked out their promotions page, and noticed that there was a 20 bonus for new users, with a minimum of a 20 dollar deposit. On the same page it detailed an ongoing promotion for the first deposit of the month, a match bonus for a deposit between 50 and 100. Well, duh! Which one sounds better? 20, or 100? So I deposited my 100, fully expecting to get a match bonus of 100, and maybe even the 20 for being a first time player at the casino, but NO! I get 20, and that is all! I didn't realize that I might not get the 100 bonus, until after I had played down to 5, making over 1500 in bets, and the bonus had not shown up by the next day. I have emailed them twice, with no response.

Crappy customer service as far as I am concerned, and why would a first time player go back who has been treated so shoddily?

The $50 to $100 match bonus is for members only! New Members are only credited with $20. Afterward you will receive 100% match monthly bonus automatically credit to your next purchase. 20X play thru. If you cash out before wager 20X the bonus amount. You will be able to keep ur winnings but forfeit your bonus.
When they first started that $50 monthly match thing, I tried it (being an existing member). Got the money easily enough, but trying to cash it out was a hassle. Apparently their cashier system keeps track (or is supposed to keep track) of your wagering and it tells you how much you can w/d after getting a bonus. Well it was totally flakey. After wagering what I was sure was enough, it was telling me I could w/d about 75% of my total. More play, still stuck at 75%. More & more & more play (playing all different games, btw) and finally it moved up. I don't know what is up with that system, but as a result, I never went back.
I got the $20 and the $100. You're eligible for the $100 match 24 hours after getting the $20 match, IIRC.

When I'd completed the WR, I called customer service (to verify I'd met it), and the CSR moved my bonus out of the "you can't have it" pool into the "regular money" pool (it's conceivable that those names aren't how GC officially refers to the pools).

FWIW, I've cashed out twice, both times for between $100 and $200. Both took 3-4 days to NETeller.

Overall, I've been happy with them thus far.

- Case
I am happy to say that last nite, I logged onto my Gold Club Casino account, to go for the match play bonus, and was VERY happily surprised to find that they had put 80.00 into my account! So I played out the remainder of my required action, and was able to take 92 out! So instead of losing my 100, I recovered most of it! I was very surprised, because I had checked my account for several days after I had complained to them, and they never responded, and my account was still at 0. So, as far as I am concerned, they have redeemed themselves, and I will be pleased to play them in the future!


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