Goin back to Texas Holdem full time, done with online casinos.


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May 15, 2010
Like some of the others that have posted goodbyes on here, I too have called it quits playing on online casinos. I have seen the light and the reality that it is just not as profitable as it use to be. While having 2 out of 3 winning years between 2 casinos (English harbour and Riverbelle) , I am leaving on top before things start going downhill.

I would say I play 80% video poker and dabble in the slots the other 20%. The royal flushes just do not come like they use to . From 1997 till about end of 2009, I would have months where I would hit 5, 10, maybe more in a span of 4 weeks and that was playing almost every day. Now, it's just not the case, one a month maybe.

Holdem is a beautiful thing because anyone that is decent can turn a profit every month, video poker/slots, not so much. I think I will start building my mountain again slowly but gradually by putting my efforts into sit n gos and multis once in while. Just too many peaks and valleys with the online casinos. This board is a blast, and I am not going anywhere just not playing the casinos anymore. Thanks for all those that gave their advice when I was looking for a couple new, fresh casinos to try out, some were good, some were awful, live and learn.

To those of you that are still playing online casinos, hopefully its out of enjoyment and not because you are hooked. I have seen a few good people get in so deep they couldnt recover and it has made their lives much more difficult. I'll be more active on the poker threads now but if I make it deep into any big tourneys i'll keep you posted, been there quite a few times before :)