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Jun 22, 2013
Ontario Canada
Hi. I wanted to ask 2 quick questions. I dont have alot of experiance so wasnt sure. I played at Go Wild last night and noticed that the only contact they have is by live chat or leaving a mssg at one telephone number that isnt listed. When I questioned them about it all she said was soon. Their license was issued in 2009. Shouldnt they have support via live contact by phone? Or is that normal for some casinos? Also she said they are independant. Ok whats that mean?

Andy Walker

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Jun 5, 2013
It just means they don't own or belong to other properties.
They aren't accredited, but they're solid (IMO)...they've always paid me and in a timely fashion. Send docs for approval early to avoid headaches

I cleared £1,250.50 today in a B&M establishment from a £50 bankroll and when I saw the cashier eating some fast food that her mum had brought to her a few minutes before (even though she was on shift or the clock) I relaxed a little and let her eat up. Sometimes patience is needed, people are just doing a job, they don't connect the fact that money to you is as important as their happy meal, they haven't ground out money that could have been a lose, it's just a job for them.

Such a shame she didn't pay me first and said "Do you want fries with that?" I was hungry at that point but.....

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