Bonus Complaint Go Wild: bad info on play through


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Mar 20, 2011
I agree, you should always check the TnC's of any bonus you take. For example, I was going to take a Rival match bonus a few days back, until I saw that Scary Rich 1 AND 2, Spy Game, Psychadelic Sixties and several other 'volatile' slots were disallowed and would get all your money voided.

Suffice to say, since I love those 3 games, and they're the ones that have the possibility for huge wins, I did not take the bonus. If I hadn't read the terms and just played them anyway, I would've been annoyed, but not with the casino, annoyed at myself.


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Oct 14, 2004
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Microgaming designed this system so that there were NEVER AGAIN going to be these problems with playing excluded games. The idea was that weighting was available to operators so that they could make some games count little towards WR, thus ensuring that players COULD play them, but would NOT find their play making much of a contribution towards the WR. With this in place, Microgaming didn't see a need for further enhancements that would make games disappear when a bonus had been claimed.

I have to side with the players on this one, this is MISUSE of the Clearplay to still have this old "play wrong game, have your winnings confiscated".

GoWild ALREADY have settings that drop the maximum bet on ANY game when a bonus is on an account, so this should prevent the usual big opening bet & grind, and THIS is what they should be using, and NOT confiscations.

Can they not actually set the max bet to ZERO with this system, which effectively locks out an undesirable game with a function already built in to the product.

If not, what about weighting at 0% and max coin at 0.01 (or 1 at the tables). There is NO WAY a 0% weighted game could then be used "abusively", and players would clearly see that the game has been thoroughly nobbled as soon as they try their first chunky bet.


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Jul 13, 2009
if a player like bbk hits big on an exempt game and has their funds taken straight away , how do they treat a player that has lost on an exempt game ? no issues ? its all fine ?

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