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Casino Complaint Go Wild And Go Away!

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Bonus Issues' started by crikeym8, Dec 30, 2015.

    Dec 30, 2015
  1. crikeym8

    crikeym8 Multiple forum accounts - flaming and being a PITA PABnoaccred

    Ive been waiting for the right time to post this , as i wanted to show a pattern of denied bonuses and casino denials. After today ive had just about enough of the nonsense. GOWILD are either incompentant or purposely deceptive when it comes to their bonus systems in which the majority of bonus offerings are in the banking page under "special offers"

    Lets start with this one first. Received a xmas card in the regular mail. Nice card with popup xmas tree and a bunch of xmas offerings.

    Go Wild And Go Away!: gowild1.jpg,Dec 30, 2015 Go Wild And Go Away!: gowild2.jpg,Dec 30, 2015

    And this is the response when i enquired. EXPIRED YET IT DIDNT EXPIRE FOR ANOTHER MONTH.

    ou are now chatting with Jane
    Jane: Hello and welcome to Live Chat Support !
    Me: Hello again Jane. I only just received your xmas mail. Looks like they are late. what are the post box promos 1,2,3
    Jane: Hey there :)
    Jane: No worries, allow me a few moments and I will check your account right away
    Me: 1st dec to 1st jan. gee its very late.
    Me: double wednesday delux any wednesday. and 150 spins rabbit in hat and 25% plus 25 spins immortal romance 50% upto 100 on accumulated deposits
    Me: gee, how many did i miss out on ?
    Jane: Thank you very much for your time, I have just checked your account and from what I see the promotions have indeed expired at this time, however you can enjoy further 25 free spins on Lucky Zodiac for 50 or more
    Me: the card says it expires 31st December.
    Me: When did i become elite vip by the way?
    Me: i like the cardboard xmas tree by the way. fancy.
    Jane: At this time from what I see on your account the promotions are no longer available I am afraid, as much as I would love to add them for you
    Jane: Thank you haha, that's very nice
    Me: But its only the 30th. hasnt expired as yet.
    Jane: I understand, however from what I see on your account it does not appear available for you, however to compensate instead with the 150 free spins on Game of Thrones for a new deposit of 100, what do you think?


    I however did make an error, it doesnt expire 31st dec, it expires 31st January 2016.


    Ok, thats pretty much clear to just about anyone. Lets go back a few weeks when this happend.
    Every Wednesday you receive 100 spins if your deposits for the week are over $100 in total. Which they are many times that amount most weeks.
    "Offer was receive a second set of wednesday spins FREE" No mention of extra deposit required untill you contact support and ask why the claim button doesnt work.

    These were offered on the thursday

    2nd - 3rd december

    You are now chatting with Maria
    Maria: Hello and welcome to Live Chat Support !
    Me: hi, i was cut off from alysan i think her namer was
    Maria: Yes, I see here that she explained the offer is valid for a new dposit of 50 or more
    Me: no it is not. wednesday spins are in lue of previous 7 days deposits of more than 100%. the new offer is as such "100 shared free spins on Break DA Bank Again, Queen of the Jungle and Rabbit in the Hat (opt 1)"
    Maria: That was for Wednesday, it is already thursday
    Me: so? how does that work? there hasnt been 7 days between now and yesterday.
    Maria: Yes for a deposit of 50
    Me: Maybe im making all this up and what im saying isnt what you see your end once again?
    Me: tell me where it says deposit a further $50?
    Me: Every time i claim i get another excuse as to why i cant receive them.
    Maria: I will have another look at your account
    Maria: Ok? I will be right back
    Maria: 'There's more, get another 100 SPINS for your next deposit of 50 or more.
    Me: Well please direct me to where it states that in specials tab. I know what my claim page says. And it says nothing about depositing further.


    Ok, fine, lets look at another shall we. 14th dec

    You are now chatting with Ina
    Ina: Hello and welcome to Live Chat Support !
    Me: hello me again
    Me: we were cut off
    Ina: No worries
    Ina: Thank you for your time
    Ina: I am sorry to have kept you waiting
    Me: thats ok
    Ina: I have checked and I see that you have already managed to claim that full offer
    Me: how i only just received it in the mail. mail man came 1 hour ago
    Ina: I understand, yet I believe that you have claimed the offer from your Special Offers Tab before the mail actually came in, as the offer was set up in there before you actually would receive the postal card
    Me: and how was i supposed to have done that when i havent played for days?
    Ina: I believe you have claimed the offer on the 14th of this month
    Me: How was i to know the offers were the same?
    Me: well can i at least have my 50% on my deposit?
    Ina: You actually managed to claim all 3 steps of the offer within the same day and I am sure you were quite excited to claim it and forgot about, so please give me a few moments to see what I can do for your last deposit with us
    Me: 3 steps?
    Me: offer is 50 % plus 50 spins, thats all.
    Ina: Ah, maybe I am confusing it in this case
    Ina: Give me a few moments to double check it
    Me: ok
    Ina: Are you sure the offer does not include 3 offers for your next 3 deposits with us?
    Ina: Can you maybe take a photo of the offer and email it to us?
    Me: other is 100 spins and other is 25% which i wouldnt have bothered with
    Ina: I see, it is indeed the offer I have mentioned that you managed to claim
    Ina: Yet, you can claim the Part 3 of the offer only if you claim the first 2 parts first
    Ina: I am sorry you feel this way, yet, I am afraid that I am unable to add the offer at this time, as much as I would love to
    Ina: Yet, I can add for you $10 free for your deposit made
    Me: can you now. why dont you just add the 50% then?
    Me: I know, maybe your manager could return one of the 3 emails ive sent him/her past week. That also included bonus offers you fail to honor.
    Ina: I am sure that your account manager will get back to you in the shortest time possible


    Offers where indeed different and not related. And no, account manager has never responded to any of the 7 emails ive sent regarding these and many other casino offerings.

    And lets do the sums so we can determine how support staff will consistantly wast your time for ridiculous amounts.

    100 spins @ .09cents a spins = $9 or 9% on deposits of $100 or more for the week. Deposit $300 doesnt make a difference.

    These free spins that many casinos are now offering are a waste of time and give players little value when you compare them to 25-50-75% deposit bonus etc etc.

    I have 4 more similar incidents with go wild for the month of November but wont upload them as i think we get the idea just for decembers rot.

    But in summary, when you click the submit buttons for any bonus you have 15 mins to deposit to claim bonus. Something ive also been denied because they randomly change bonuses and wont honor them even if you deposit within the allotted time frame should bonuses change.
    Good luck receiving return emails as requested by chat support.
  2. Dec 30, 2015
  3. philderby1

    philderby1 Senior Member

    factory worker
    im going no where near them!

    I know of another member having issues with go wild right now

    terrible service
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  4. Dec 30, 2015
  5. hhhelllo

    hhhelllo Senior Member

    Modern age slavery
    They pissed me off when I registered a very long time ago exactly the same way. The difference is that I stopped depositing after the first strike. Why bother? I wouldnt do buisness like that... They can have nice reps giving free spins in here... At the end of the day... This is the kind of customer service ownage you receive if you want to try enjoying their good old magicaly expired promos.
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  6. Dec 30, 2015
  7. Gia - GoWild

    Gia - GoWild Official Rep for GoWild

    GoWild Malta forum rep.

    Could you please PM me your username so I can look into this for you?

  8. Dec 30, 2015
  9. Gia - GoWild

    Gia - GoWild Official Rep for GoWild

    GoWild Malta forum rep.

    Thank you for posting and I am sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with your experience in our casino. I assure you we strive to offer only top notch customer care and ensure that all our members get to make the most of the promotions we prepare for them.

    However, sometimes there can be misunderstandings or miscommunications. It would be great if these never happened, yet when they do, I would love to help clarify any such situations. So to all CM members out there, please make sure to first PM me with your username and whatever issue you are having before you post a complaint on the forum. Not just because that is the rule on the forum, but because that way I should be able to solve your issue a lot faster, since I will see the PM and there won’t be any risk of me not noticing a new forum thread.

    Now back to the issue at hand, I will take each matter one at a time and hopefully clarify it.

    The Xmas month snail mail offer was indeed valid until January 31st. However, due to the way our bonus system works, the promotions itself became available in the Special Offers tab for the eligible members earlier this month, when the postal services stared delivering it.

    That is because we took into account the fact that some of the envelopes might be delayed due to the usual postal services issues as well as the holidays, while others might arrive earlier. We wanted our members to be able to claim the offer in either case. In addition to that, we also sent out email reminders from time to time to make sure members were notified of the offer in case they did not get the flyer.

    I do apologise for any misunderstanding, and I understand how that can be confusing. However, after reviewing the account I see that the OP successfully claimed the offer a couple weeks ago. That is why it no longer showed up in the Special Offer tab when the envelope was finally delivered. And I believe that is what caused the confusion regarding the availability of the offer during the chat.

    Regarding this offer, please keep in mind that the casino uses the GMT time-frame, in order to have the same frame of reference for players all over the world. The promotion the OP is referring to was sent on a Wednesday (GMT) earlier this month, as an offer separate from the usual Wednesday Deluxe, which the OP had already claimed.

    The full Terms and conditions of the promotion were detailed in the promotional email that was sent advertising the offer, as we are unable to include all these details in the limited space of the Special Offers tab. However, we do understand where the OP is coming from, so we will keep that in mind when we phrase the name of the offers in the future.

    This was more or less the same situation as the first one. Since we cannot control exactly when the envelopes will be delivered to each member, the offers become available in the Special offers tab earlier, to ensure that everyone has time to claim them.

    I have also checked with the OPs account manager and it seems that the first email sent to his email address was received yesterday evening. I believe he has already replied to it earlier today. Perhaps this was a mere case of mistyping the address when sending the email.

    I also reviewed the account for the month of November and I see that those situations were also clarified during the chats with our support team or account managers. They were mostly misunderstandings caused by time-zone differences between GMT and the OP's time zone or mixing up promotions from Wild Jackpots and GoWild. Yet these things happen when there are people from all over the world using the same casino. Time zones can be a pain sometimes, right?

    In any case, if there are any other questions regarding last month, please don't hesitate to PM me, crikeym8.

    Please keep in mind that each promotion has a fixed expiry date and time. So there may be situations where you see a promotion before it expires, yet by the time your deposit is made, that promotion has already expired. Opting in for a promotion before making the deposit does not extend the availability of that promotion in our bonus system. However, in case you miss a promotion that close, please make sure to contact our support team right away, before placing any bets, and they should be able to work something out for you.

    Sorry for the extra long post, but I hope that I was able to clear thing up. To sum things up, the promotions were actually issued, yet there were some misunderstandings that we tried our best to compensate for through the use of free comps or additional deposit offers.

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  10. Dec 30, 2015
  11. hhhelllo

    hhhelllo Senior Member

    Modern age slavery
    I think we have to admit that Gia deserves a gold medal. Sorry about the bad comment. Sometimes things change when a good rep like you is hired ;)
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  12. Dec 30, 2015
  13. crikeym8

    crikeym8 Multiple forum accounts - flaming and being a PITA PABnoaccred

    Mail is stamped sent 18th December 2015 Peterborough PE2 6TH And offer you refer to was not couple weeks it was the 2nd and 3rd December in which i was denied the second bought of free spins because i refused to deposit further as it was not stipulated in the bonus section. Lengthy chat script is avaliable on the 3rd , 4th december in which 3 select staff couldnt give me a clear answer.

    Offer was sent on the thursday 3rd December ............
    "Daniel Davis - Account Manager" <accountmanager@gowildcasino.com> (Add as Preferred Sender)
    Date: Thu, Dec 03, 2015 3:25 am GMT

    In which NO details were provided besides general "Wednesday free spins again" No deposit required.

    As snail mail does not state that offers are same or similar or need to be claimed in specials page then its needs to be disclosed clearly in promotions material. How are we to determine whats what when staff cant give us clear indications? I am still to receive a single response when these issues were escalated due to lack of knowledge.

    I received a response 1 hour and 47 mins ago. So no, email was spelt correctly today it seems.. An offer was also applied by account manager but as it should state in my account, deposits above %50 at a time are normally rejected by card issuer. is the offer for a single deposit?

    Again, no, they were not clarified at all, it was a case of take it or leave it in which bonuses i claimed were substituted with far lessor deals as information was not readily avaliable for chat staff. I think your refering too 12th, 17th, 24th November up untill weekending Sunday 29th November in which weekend offer was still present on bonus page but denied when claimed. reason being not valid yet no date was applied. (Chat script Jane)

    If promotions are still avaliable in specials page and have no details as to their expire then as far as i see it they are still valid. And the reason we are in this forum is purely because of the lack of support or reasoning from support teams. I have 14 chat sessions, 11 page prints in which i willingly sent through when these issues arose. I appreciate you investigating this matter, but im sorry to say the information provided does not match the experience nor the discussions ive had.
  14. Mar 14, 2016
  15. crikeym8

    crikeym8 Multiple forum accounts - flaming and being a PITA PABnoaccred

    I TRIED, I really did.

    I tried to be patient, I tried to be understanding and many a time just ignore the errors, and for 5 weeks things seemed to be on the improve. Sorry to say , ive given up and requested my accounts be closed, as its obvious GoWild promotions and ill informed staff without the necessary tools can never agree, no matter how much proof is given.


    *I must state that casino rep here GIA was helpful , but she is let down issues that re-occur that support staff ONLINE CHAT seem unable or unwilling to sort out, even thou they had reference to similar issues from previous occasions.

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