Go Deutschland

Wie? Was?
Wo zur Hoelle ist der "Thanks for the useful post" Knopf? Ich wuerde ihn gerne 234 mal druecken!!!

oh...just in case you don't speak German. I think it goes like this:

Where in hell is the "Thanks for the useful post" button? I would like to press it 234 times!!!

4:2...and I lost about 3 days of my life!
Unlucky meister

Was a great game though

Made even better as i had bets on italy to qualify:D

buh hoo! Germans just can't win the big ones! (with the possible exceptions of bobsledding, womens weightlifting and sausage consumption)
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was a crazy game - i'd been expecting pens all the way to that last 90seconds...unlucky mr meister - still its only two years till the euro's :D
Someone please tell me that Italy doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning this whole thing? I live in a predominantly Italian neighbourhood, and the horns already haven't stopped for the last hour. I expect to be kept awake for half the night, and this was only a semi-final. Should they win the whole thing, it will be one huge three day street party, and I will have to go away somewhere, lol. :rolleyes:

Edited to add - my ex-husband is also Italian, and sweet Jesus, I don't wanna listen to him gloating for the next few months!!
sadly for you pinababy i'm hoping they do - i'd like france to knock out (those jammy) portugese tonight then italy to win in the final, or at least thats what i'll be putting my money on at willhill. i can recommend some good earplugs ;)

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