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Golbal Player Announcement:
We wish a happy new year 2000 to all our customers! We have tried very hard to find an appropriate present worth this special occasion, and finally, we think we have found one; the Wild American Roulette. Did you also think that the double zero American Roulette cannot compete with the single-zeroed French one? It is time to think again: the Wild American Roulette gives you an unprecedented 0% house edge! This is the way it works: when the single zero wins, everything is as usual, all outside bets lose, only bets on zero win. However, the double zero is a "wild number": if it is the winning number, all outside bets win! Both red and black, even and odd and 1-18 and 19-36 bets win even money. Bets on dozens and columns win even money as well. In this way, as far as outside bets are concerned, the game works like a roulette game without any zero at all. Inside bets are unchanged, i.e. bets on both zeros win as usual. The Wild American Roulette is available at our multi-player tables and we invite all our customers to join us there to celebrate the new year.

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My comments:
This is a brand new multiplayer casino, and has received positive reviews from two trustworthy websites. The main reason? The odds for blackjack and roulette are among the best on the net. They offer several sifferent blackjack games, one of which offers an edge of .0012. Wow. I also read on another website that the double deck bj offers 50 to 60% penetration, and card counters are capable of beating the game. My personal experience with this casino is that gameplay is slow (I live in USA) and graphics and animation are lackluster. I've only played a couple of times, but after a losing streak in the RENO BJ game of 9 in a row, I was a bit skeptical. Recently heard from another player (who I know is real) that did OK, and had a small win after playing 40-50 hands. The ecash system looks well designed and easy to use. They do offer an 800# for support, and thier cust service was good.IF you make a withdrawal that exceeds your total credit card deposits, they will send a check, but will charge $4 for each check.