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Aug 23, 2004
Midwest USA
I have played on this Casino for some time, with decent action.
Two comments
1. What does it take to get in the VIP program? Are VIP players offered single deck BJ? Or do they just get better comp points?
2. My withdrawals seem to reqiure e-mail prompts to get processed. Usually after a day or the next day I send and e-mail, then they get processed.
Not exactly as advertised.

I sense they want me to reverse and play. But when I cash out I want to stop the sessision and get paid. If they offered some incentive to keep the funds in my account, I might.

Not many bonuses but appear some of the best BJ fairness.


for withdrawal wise , there are always support staffs around in the chat everyday from 11 to 5 . Most of the time that is . I find it strange that your e-mail takes so long to get responded . When do you normally play ? Weekends ? If that is the case , it is pretty normal . They tend to respond to e-mails faster on weekdays . But the best thing i would say is to get to the chat itself . They can sort things out faster for you . :thumbsup:
buck said:
Not many bonuses but appear some of the best BJ fairness.

I've had some bad prolonged sessions at the BJ and I have doubts about the game considering the rules and deck penetration that they allow.
What I have noticed about Global Player is they are very streaky in my experience. Losing streaks of 5, 6 or more, happens 3 or more times within the first 50 hands of blackjack (Las Vegas Strip). I often encounter a 10 or higher losing streak using basic strategy. And the betting ranges of the various blackjack games are SMALL!! Really, $1 to $55 for LV Strip BJ??? The other BJ games only go up to max of $100. Sheesh! Perhaps the narrow bet windows are due the cards NOT being reshuffled after every round allowing for possibility of card counting.

One of the features of GP BJ games is "Intuitive handling of the casino software". What the hell does that mean? Sounds a bit like the software handles my play "intuitively". I wouldn't like that at all!

What I can say positive for GP is the software is light and downloads fast. And I especially like the feature where you can monitor the progress of how much of your bonus you have "earned" so far. You don't have to complete the whole wager requirement BEFORE you can withdraw it....rather you can cash out the portion of the bonus you have earned at the time of your withdrawl request.

BJ is the only game I've played at GP. I do not know about their slots or other table games.
Withdrawal after 20 hours

This is the typical response. (unfortunately when I lose the stake I incurr RATHER HIGH Charges) Nice if the would just give some rules. IE I would pay a few % for guaranteed fast payout. I have had other reputable casino withdrawals declined by Neteller because I think the casino doesn't have the funds in Neteller.

I shall wait a few more hours for +$400

E-Mail From GP
Thank you for contacting us.

Our policy is to process payments as quickly as possible. As usual, we
would like to proceed with your withdrawal immediately, however, we
noticed, that you tend to make deposits and withdrawals within very
short periods.

As we absorb the (rather high) transaction fees for these transactions
we do not encourage frequent deposit/withdrawals within short periods.
We recommend to use the park options for funds not immediately used.
This will enable you to unpark some funds for your game play, should
need some more, instead of re-depositing money which you just cashed
a few hours earlier.

Your withdrawal request is therefore delayed for another few hours in
order to give you time to make adjustments if desired.

We thank you for your understanding and your cooperation.

Kind Regards,

Patrice Ahrensburg
Global Player

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