Global Player Casino Need Bad Experience Story


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Feb 3, 2003
who had made a bad experience in that casino???

Please write me this, because I want to acuse them.

In other forums I `ve got some details, that this casino manipulate the games. I had made this experience too. And they took money over my creditcard. But I never bought this money and I don`t played in this time. The lockfiles shows this too.
But after I showed this the casino-manager again, he send me new lockfiles. They shows, that I had played. This is a manipulation, or??

Please give me some of your experience.

Hi carlos,

na, i dont think so. I played there for more then 2 years. The Global Player is still a casino, which is recommended by many sites. They dont manipulate their games, because there is no need to do this. They have so many guests...


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