Global Player Casino !!! Manipulation !!!


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Feb 3, 2003
I played in this casino many times.

The following happend:
I put some bets on the quick french multi player table. The bets are on the table. A few seconds before the game starts, the bet who will win is away.
I had no chance to put the bet again on the table.
But the number is folling down. O.K. I thought.

But this happend more than 1 time. It happend every time if I put more than $ 5 or $ 10 on the different numbers. Every time if I do so, the winning bet was away. Vut not from me.

I wrote the casino-manager Mr. Hayat. He told me, that it is my mistake, because the software is o.k..

I asked some other players in this casino. Some of them told me the same^experience like me.

But Mr. Hayat allways ignore this.

Another experience from a player: He told me, that he put bets on 35 numbers. Oh wonder the 36. wins.
And many things like this.

Who has experiences like this???

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