Global Player Casino - exemplar of fairness - it's great!!!



I played in many online casinos and would like to say, that Global Player Casino is the best I've ever played.
Noplace will you find complaints about it....
On their site there are photos of management.
This sure looks like spam to me. Considering that Global Player gets good reviews from the Gamemaster Online, I'm surprised they feel they have to stoop to this level.
Hi "Pif"

Photos of management sometimes are just a ruse to make you think they are caring wonderful human beings. had (or still has) photos of the dweeb who runs that casino, and he is a first class Rogue! It doesn't mean nothin'.

You can click my link and see my photo! ha ha

What spam??? I've just wanted to say, that I like this casino and i'm playing there for about one year

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