Glitch found on Mount Olympus Casino


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May 20, 2005
I found a glitch at Mount Olympus Casino. I played a couple of game of crap and tooked out all my out of the numbers I put it on. Then I went to the lobby and saw that the balance was low. So I was wondering why so I went back to craps and tooked the money out of the number it was on. The money was still low so I log out and close it and logged back in again and the money is still at the craps game.

I upload the picture to show. Ill will contact them also about this.
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Copy and paste it on the browser. Clicking on the link doesnt work all the time.
I contact them and got back a respond they said I have to keep on rolling the dice until it goes it the number its at or unless I get a 7. So that means if I put $5 on the number 5,6,8, and 10 and the number comes up as 8, then I have to play 5,6 and 10 and I cant take them out until it played out.

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