Giving up

If when you get money all your thinking of is betting, thats a problem, i allow myself a £150/month limit, yes it usually is gone by 3-4th of month, but that is my limit, and i stick to it. If your unable to do this, there is a problem, I can see in this post, $5/spin? Really? Can you afford this? No. Just like i wouldnt be able to, my bets are usually .30-.90/spin, Your obviosly chaseing to hit that "big win" when in reality, its not going to happen, and if it did, Youd then think "well lets go for a bigger win" ive only just posted a thread on this forum in the casino secition but temptation is getting to me, im on an insane run atm, but mainly your thread is detering me from playing, its not a problem to lose £150 to me, thats my usual limit, but i never thought what id do if i won over £3000+ thats the thing bothering me now, i dont want this to sound like im boasting, im anything but, im about 2 seconds away from playing slots myself, but im trying not to.

Well, not so long ago I won like 3500 euros in some time (yeah I lost it all eventually), and the biggest mistake I made is that I kept this money on my bank account just a few clicks away from online casino. So I advise you, if you want to get some use of your good run, either take the money off your account and give it to someone in family like brother or sister or someone, or open a savings account in your bank, so you can't get it in like a day or two when you want it from the account. Cause once you cross that line of 150 a month you are one step closer to my situation. And that's no good.
Sad to say, the house always wins in the long run. With just 3-6% advantage on all games, it is enough for them to make indecent profits. Gamblers should be just waging with money they can afford to lose so that it does not put the family at risk.

Good to know that people are admitting that they have a problem here. That's a first step.

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