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Feb 25, 2004
East Coast, USA
Although this was my first on-line casino, I have now had it with horrible customer service and stupid Ecash policies. Here is the email I just sent them outlining a three week frustration with a locked account:

I am writing to let you know why I will be closing my account once it is finally unlocked.

This problem began with a screw up at my bank, which mishandled a transfer. This was back on May 23, and I emailed my web wallet companies to let them know
that a payment might be rejected, and to resubmit the payment right away since the problem had been fixed. A payment to Intercasino through Citadel was rejected. This led to my Intercasino account being locked on May 25. I expected this payment to be immediately resubmitted and the problem cleared up. When I did not see this payment hit my bank account after several days, I called and asked why it had not been resubmitted. This was on the 25th or 26th, and I was told that they wait 7 days before esubmitting. I asked them to please immediately resubmit the payment.

I still did not see the payment come through my account at the end of the month and called again on the 31st of May or June 1. I was told by the Intercasino/Ecash person that they had just resubmitted the payment and that we
had to wait nine days for the payment to clear. This was the first I heard of the nine days. I called again on June 8th and was told that it had not been resubmitted until the 1st, so the nine days wouldn't end until the 9th.

I called again on the 9th, and spoke with a Karrie, who told me that it wouldn't show until midnight on the 9th, but she also told me that there would be an automatic notification that the payment had cleared and to unlock the account. The next day I called because the account still was not unlocked, and spoke with Socrates, who told me that there is no automatic notification, and that I needed to get a letter from Citadel that my account was in good standing, and oh yeah, by the way, nothing could be done over the weekend because Ecash is closed. I asked him why someone just the day before had told me it would be automatic. He said that they were wrong, but he told me that there were no notes in my account of any of my previous conversations with people there, basically implying that I was making up my previous conversations.

So, this morning, THREE WEEKS after this problem began, and after continually being told something different by everyone I spoke to at Intercasino, I got an email sent to you from Citadel. I called and spoke to a gentleman about 8:30 EST, who found the email, told me he would forward it to the accounting department, and that it would be up to two hours before the account was unlocked. So at 10:30, when the account was still locked, I called again and was told that it wasn't two hours, it was 1 - 2 BUSINESS DAYS! I asked once again why I was told something different at 8:30 this morning, and he just told
me that they didn't know what they were talking about. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that it wouldn't make a difference, that 1 - 2 days was the policy.

This is not the kind of customer service I expect from my casinos. This issue should have been cleared up in days, not weeks. And it certainly shouldn't take more than a one minute phone call and the flip of a switch to unlock the account. Your customer service people, although always polite, are horribly uninformed, do not document phone calls properly, and certainly don't go out of their way to resolve problems.

Intercasino was my very first on-line casino, and I will be sad to give it up. I will also be posting on Casinomeister, and you might have a slightly harder time buying "Casino of the Year" in the future.

Lxxxx Dell
I've also had a minor nightmare with Intercasino today.

I've fired a mail off to support though, so hopefully I'll get some sort of resolution before posting the details up on here.

I'll tell you one thing though, you don't half get spoilt at 32RED/SpinPalace/All Slots in terms of the response time of support!! I just assumed all casino's would get back to you so quickly - clearly not!
Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Personally, I've found them to be extremely customer-oriented.

I typically deposit via Neteller Instacash and withdraw via Citadel. Generally, I can receive my funds in about 2 business days. Add to that the recurring monthly bonus, a nice comp structure, and my penchant for Crypto games, and it's easy to see why I favor Intercasino so much.

A couple of months ago, I had complained about difficulties logging from my gf's computer. The CS promptly credited my account $50 for the inconvenience. Just like that.

So fwiw, I am more than happy with Intercasino.
Ecash Direct get the money back in your bank account EXTREMELY promptly - in my experience the fastest anywhere. The games at Inter are good too, and I agree the monthly bonus is a great one!

That said, I sent support an email yesterday - and all I've had up to now is an autoresponse telling me they'll deal with it when they get a chance... It's just simply not good enough when you can get all of the above at other reputable casino's, and support that properly treat you like a valued customer.

I've solved the problem by withdrawing what I had left - and uninstalling.
It's not unusual to wait a week or more for an email-answer from their support. It might help to write Ecash directly instead of Intercasino. In my experience they answer slightly faster and they take care of all account-related issues anyway.
intercasino "support"

Reading these comments makes me realize I am not alone. The email support at Intercasino is horrible. I have received responses to less than half of my inquiries, the responses I did receive took over a week AND contained inaccurate information! Tell me, if this casino is so great and they have so many players, what would be so hard about hiring extra customer rep. to deal with all the issues? Something is very strange here. Not to mention, as I did in the other thread, that their "instantplay no download casino" requires a download (WTF?), at least that was according to a customer rep., but, of course, he could be wrong :p
The staff at ecash are lousy. More than 2 years ago,my account with Sands of the Carribean was terminated because they did not accept Hong Kong players anymore. I was later informed that I still had $25 in my account and that I needed to contact ecash to get it back. It was a nightmare and after 20 or so e-mails exchanged and sending scanned copies of my identity card and address several times,there was no progress. They seemed to act like a rogue casino,always denying having received the documents. After a lase of nearly 3 months,I gave up and asked for the assistance of Julie Sidwell of gambling grumbles. The money was in my neteller account within a week.
I'm in agreement with InterCasino's lousy record (personally) for replying to my emails. For the life of me, I can't understand why others get prompt responses (not in this thread, but in older ones), because there's nothing blocking them from corresponding with me. While I've been successful calling them (lol), my last 12 emails have gone unanswered. Funny thing is, the last 2 phone calls placed were to clear up the fact that I never did receive any responses. They said they would take care of the matter (and were kind and seemed to be acting urgent about it), but nothing came through. Wouldn't it be in their best interest to at least send out a test email, and IF I were to receive it, I could reply and we would both know that there weren't any problems. Far cry from the promptness I get with 32Red and RoxyPalace.
johnsteed said:
They said they would take care of the matter (and were kind and seemed to be acting urgent about it), but nothing came through.
E-cash clearly have a policy of not using e-mail for communication & it seems to carry through to most of the individual casinos. They're actually quite helpful by phone, but it amuses me that when I've had problems they've always agreed that they'll send an e-mail to let me know when everything's been sorted out... which of course they never send. If they just removed the e-mail addresses and told customers that all contact has to be by telephone at least we'd know what to expect.

I just wanted to point out that while overall my limited experience with Intercasino has been awful, a customer service rep. named Kerrie that I reached by phone was the lone bright spot. Only from her was I able to get some (semi-) solid information. She even phoned me back with some info. I didn't want my previous comments to reflect badly on her, so that the next time I am in Cypress, I can ask her on a date :rolleyes:
But really, my experience with her was positive.

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