Giant Vegas - rule tampering


Jun 15, 2004
deposit 1) 03/13/04 200, bonus 400, max cashout = 2000. I lose everything and they assure me by email that the wagering requirements does not carry over.

deposit 2) 03/14/04 2000, bonus 600, no max cashout on this. I have on file all the terms pages from their web site.

cashin) 03/28/04 5,362. They paid me just 2,000 saying there was a max cashout of 2,000.

after complaining to Montana they pay me another 2,000. so I've got overall 4000 out of 5,362.

I cannot find a reason not to pay me the whole amount.

the coupon that did have a max cashout was lost and they assured me it does not carry over.

Or they want to apply their later rule of 2000 max cashout for all weekly coupons. A rule that was not there at the time I made the deposit.

Someone has an idea how to handle this?
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This could be all related to the Kiss Casino issues everyone is having. Take a look in the other threads on this board.

Andrew Hurt
What should I do?

Does someone have an idea what to do to get my money from those cheats?

I am really sad about those $1,362.

thanks in advance

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